New XM-L flashlight with dual 18650 (it seems to be in parallel)

This new small sun ZY-T08 looks interesting, taking into account that it seems a “semi-clone” of a well known one…. and that it´s reflector is not shallow…. and it is not very expensive…… maybe it will be a good one in terms of performance? (yes, if nobody tested it, impossible to know….)

It has a 5 mode driver, and it says “regulated at 1800mA - 800 lumen” which is a nonsense…

What do you think guys?

I think it could be a wonderful light for a thrower enthusiast and the 2*18650 battery (which to me seems to be in serial connection) side by side gives a more compact light and good grip.

Mora than a clone it seems like a mix design between a Thrunite and a Sunwayman, but very appealing at view. Reflector looks good too, and nice touch the stainless bezel.

About the specifications, I don't really trust all those descriptions, sometimes the numbers are close, sometimes way off. Maybe just a typo, 2800mA would be nice.

The two cells are definitely in parallel, given the design of the head contacts.

Who's gonna be the guinea pig?

The SmallSun ZY-T08 $29.30 copy of the Ultrafire UF T60

Manafont has the serial version SMALL SUN ZY-T16 for $29.09

I don’t know which one to get I wanted the Ulrafire but that’s selling for $80-90, now I can get both smallsuns for the price of the Ultrafire. I hope it’s got a solid pill and the quality is better than old Smallsun’s

SOmehow “bling” design doesnt seem compatible with this not so prettyx form with unusual proportions.

I think it looks great. One of the best looking lights I have seen in a while.

The manafont one can use extension tube and use 2x18650… hmmm interesting too. I never had seen that before…

LInk maybe?

see post 3

That's a good looking light. I definitely prefer the T08 parallel cell design over the T16 series. Would like to see beam shots of the T08 in real world testing.

SmallSun seems to have really kicked up their quality judging from these pics and by the T13 I just received the other day. A simply outstanding lit for the money. The best light you can buy for $24!!

Now that i revisit the pictures I see it IS a parallel design.

JohnnyMac: Do you have a luxmeter to measure throw for that T13 ??

I do indeed. Lux meter and IS. Not sure I can do it real soon but I will try to get something. I have a long overdue review to get together then I think I will do a full review on the T13.

Sweet :-)

Looking forward to seeing that. I always enjoy your reviews although I may not totally agrees with all aspects of them. Guess it is a taste thing.

Here's the UltraFire version . . .


The input voltage specification is for 2 cells in series.

Any info on the reflector size?

Haha I wonder if Ultrafire gets mad when their lights are cloned :slight_smile:

I agree. It’s on my to do list.

This light just needs a 75mm reflector and a 82mm head diameter.

I’m tempted… 2*18650 in parallel, big reflector, I’d probably try to get a NANJG105C in with 3.5A and a copper core XM-L T6 3C. I hope the thermal path is good and the driver can be changed easily. There should be enough space behind the battery contact plate. Still hesitating though.