New XM-L-Ultrafire M3 T60-3 AMP Opinions Wanted LINK ADDED

What do you guys think of this light?

3 Modes Low Med High

Tailstands, nice looking Host, has fairly large smooth reflector and I don't need lots of throw for 1st XM-L anyway- but it looks good and is I think HA 2 or 3 Anodize also like the other new lights in this series.

Drives XM-L@ 3 amps on high, so medium should be a real nice 1 amp or so with about 300 Lumens for 4 hours runtime or more. (Just a guess on my part on the medium mode)

About $37.00 on Ebay and $32.00 on Deal Extreme but I don't want to wait more than 3 weeks.

Does anyone have this light?

What UF are you talking about? Link would be nice.

ugly looking candle powered battery

Darn it , I just promised myself one month of not buying anything ..

I do like the 3 modes / less junk , 1st of Dec , ill be back !

the former "Piritlight" body that DON received with a MC-E emitter a while back?

I think it is - see here:

Got a fairly high rating considering he tinkered with it for the longest time before getting it to work.

These could be a lot different internally though and just might be the sh*t. I for one love the design :-)

EDIT: I find it mildly amusing that they say it is a "3000" mA circuit on high - and then claim a 100 minute runtime on high.

I've just perused and there i noticed the SKILHUNT Defier series of flashlights.

Those have the same style cut out holes in the head. And allthough I really love the design of that flashlight (thats probably also why I remembered it) it is not really budget since so many other lights in the same output class are on offer for half the price.

But it does look sweet though.