Newbie from France

Hello everybody
I do live in France. I have recently discovered an interest in flashlights and I am amazed by the diversity and technological developments in this field. I am sure I will learn plenty of interesting things in this forum. My main interest is in AA flashlights and anduril 2.

Yours sincerely


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Welcome the Mighty BLF!

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Salut Claude et bienvenue sur BLF !

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Thanks for signing up, coyote139!

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Bonjour Clauyote,

Bienvenue sur BLF.

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Welcome on BLF man !

Im olso quite new on flashlights… !

I have the Fenix E12 V2.0 and i use a Fenix AA Li-ion 1.5V micro usb battery, isn’t the best recommend battery for this flashlight, i should use simple, or alkaline, or rechargeable AA batteries but so far i don’t have any problem with… ! And so far i like this flashlight !

Hey there Claude, happy to have you here! We have quite a few French users here, glad to have one more.

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