Newegg does it again!

Time and time again, Newegg has really impressed me. I am surprised at how little they are mentioned here on this forum. I have used them for years and never had a problem. This time I was in the market for a NiMH charger. Up until now I have been using “Fast Chargers”. I know they cook the cells and reduce the lifetime of them, but in the past I didn’t care.
I recently bought a bunch of the “Duraloops” at the Target Clearance Sale and wanted to start them off right. I checked around and saw that Newegg had the PowerEX MH-C9000 for 54.95 with a set of “PowerEx AA cells. Other places had it a low as 49.95 without the cells. Since the 4 pack of Duraloops was 3.65 at the Target Sale, I didn’t see the point. Yesterday morning, I got an email telling me that there was a $5 discount on the charger bringing it to 49.95. So Yesterday morning I ordered one. I chose the free shipping and the next day it was sitting on my door step! I understand being in Connecticut, only about 150 miles from the warehouse in New Jersey is an advantage, but who else even ships the next day! For me to get this the next day, they literally had to ship it within hours of taking the order. Very impressive

They will do anything to keep you happy :slight_smile:
Same here on the fast shipping form them.

I've been incredibly happy with my newegg orders... majority have shipped from the NJ warehouse, and I also have them next day, just so long as I placed the order earlier in the day.

Amazon is pretty good, generally 1-4 days max, except for items specifically coming from overseas.

So which came first, the frog or the egg?

Actually, maybe your point is that Newegg is a US only site? and that NewFrog is for everyone else?

We are blessed to have Newegg here in the US

Newegg is THE source for Computer hardware and some other things too. Over the last twenty plus years I have sent them many thousands of $$$ and they never let me down.

Caution: Soap Box On :frowning:

I do caution people that have never ordered from them. Their prices and great delivery service are based on you knowing what you want and figuring out your own technical support. The last thing in the world I want it to have whinny self centered jerk customers running another great company. You know who I am talking about, so please, never send them to Newegg.

OK: Soap Box Off :slight_smile:

They were banned from here :D!

Another happy Newegg customer here. I've spent thousands of dollars of my employers money there. Most orders ship from NJ, however it's 99% of the time 3 days delivery. At least I can count on 3 days when I need it.


Yep they are really good to work with.

I think I know who you are talking about. I feel sorry for places that sell at rock bottom prices and then get shafted by someone who expects Cadillac service at KIA prices.


we have a were I have ordered from lots with great results. so they are not only in the US

I have probably spent about 10k at newegg over my lifetime. Greatest place to buy computer parts. Almost always get shipments the next day being in NJ.

I've been a loyal newegg customer since 2002. Never once had a problem with them. Their shipping is super quick, and since most of the stuff I order ships out of New Jersey, I'll have it the next day or the day after. Great company!

Me too - bought tons of computer stuff from Newegg over the years. More recently, think I bought the Arctic epoxy or AS5 from them - good price on it. I used to have my own computer biz of selling/servicing/installing and had a few reseller accounts with distributors, then BUY.COM came along and broke my pricing advantages, maybe Newegg shortly thereafter in the same ballpark. was just the discount retail arm of Ingram-Micro when they started - stuff was shipped from the same warehouses, returns handled at the same addresses, etc.

dchomak I know you looked for that 5 dollar off coupon for the charger but couldn’t find it, thinking that it must have been a popup in your email.

Thanks for checking though.

I know I did a copy and paste of the code, does anybody know if the copy buffer on a PC is cached anywhere?

I believe Newegg was the rebirth of Can anybody verify that for me?

On 8/13/13, I ordered a POWEREX MH-C9000 Charger - Analyzer from them for $33.48, including shipping. So, deals are out there. I don’t recall if I saw the deal posted on BLF, or perhaps

Current price on it is $59.89, no batteries, here:


The sad thing is that Newegg did a $35.99 sale for this deal just 2 weeks ago, but I and we, missed it.

They also had just the charger, for $31.99 in late July.