Nice looking new 1xAA/14500 light at CNQ

This one is a really beautiful design... Just needs a pocket clip. But I really like the attractive crosshatch all across the body. I wonder if it tailstands on the flat button?

Difficult to see, but LED seems XR-E, I think I can see the "dome" and metal part sorrounding it... Maybe not XPG

Yup, XR-E for sure. But anyway, could be old pics, and now they sell R5 version.

BTW, very nice light :) Reminds me SP from Nitecore. Who want to be a guinea pig this time? :bigsmile:

Low + ? Sounds interesting.

"2 groups: 3+4 mode setting-- Goup I: 3 modes - brightness hi>mid>lo +"

edit, means something different, would have been a good idea....

  • Size: 96mmx20mm
  • Netweight: 50g
  • Use CREE XP-G R5 : 500,00 hrs lifespan
  • Max output: 240-350 lumen
  • 2 groups: 3+4 mode setting-- Goup I: 3 modes - brightness hi>mid>lo + Group II: 4mode--Lo>Hi>Strobe>SOS; When the light blink once on Lo mode, turn it off; then turn it on again to change Group.
  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Battery: AA / 14500 (not included)
  • Switch: Stainless Steel tail cap Click on/off
  • Waterproof:IPX 8
  • Box not included by default

There's also a completely smooth version of this coming out, either bare or choice of a few colors. Ric was fairly excited about these and compared them to the N-Light B2S, but says he still likes the B2S best. There's supposed to be another one but he didn't have any samples yet. Funny, I couldn't quite decipher the brand from the photo's and now I see it's CITCAT. Interesting..

Is there even a hole for a lanyard........So who's going to get it, lol.

Looks interesting ....

Tempting ..... BUT there is a new AA on the way from the same seller ....

+ That one looked to be XR-E , unless its an older picture ???

What is the blue disc?

It's an old pic, will update the pic soon.



My guess would be silicone grease.