Nichia 144A and 229A series: bigger dies, more output, 90CRI included,.......but no thermal slug :-(

:open_mouth: :open_mouth:
I hope you only kill the R70 then….
The rest have very nice colour. Perfect drops in for many flashlights

I really look forward to check out the results of those 4000-5000K R9050s.

Gonna be exciting to have torches with 1K+ continuous operation Rolls-Royce luminous flux.

Cheers ^:)

How does a 0,04 °C•cm2/W thermal resistance with 17 Watt/m•K thermal conductivity appeal to you?
It’s far lower than the thermal resistance between LED die - solder point

Check this link.

Judging by the way you say it, it’s probably pretty good :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not familiar with those technical terms and units.
But i gather it’s better than the usual ‘seal pads’ used for power transistors etc.

Now the question is; #1 where can we buy the new Nichia LEDs? #2 Where can we buy FujiPoly XR-m?

I plan to buy one full reel (3500 pcs) of them for my near future project. That's why Nichia sent me several samples to test. Nichia is very strict about MOQ to me, It doesn't even let me buy 500pcs. It will be available in Q1 2017. Still waiting for my Fujipoly..... ;)

Wow, a full reel? Gonna open some e-shop? :???:

Hope you'll be getting some R9050s. :-)

Cheers ^:)

The plan is to use only the 3000K and 5700K. Yes, the 9050 is my target. If I needed lower CRI, I would go with XHP50 instead, easier on thermal design. No, it’s not for an e-shop, I have residential & shop display lighting projects here. But why not? if I could get some extras from bare emitter sale online, then I’ll do it.
Still working to get less than 500 pcs though.

If you could get some in ~4500k I would grab some for sure (assuming they work good after testing). 3000k is a bit too warm for a flashlight and 5700k a bit too cool. I have come to the conclusion that 4000-5000k is my personal sweet spot.

Obviously this is only if you could get a few extras tossed into your order (I am sure others would buy as well), I do not even remotely expect you to change your planned tints.

Let’s see if I can get mixed CCT with the same MOQ =)

If you could mix the tints a bit I am positive there would be some level of demand for some neutral tint versions with high CRI. How much only depends on the results from testing.

If Djozz could manage to keep a 12V 5700K one alive, i’d be very interested.
…actually also very interested in a 3000K one… :blush:
(but i’m probably not the only one…)

6V is fine too. :smiley:

Good news guys!
I just spoke to Nichia sales person, and I can mix the CCT and voltage for my next order. Hooray
Please vote your preferred CCT and voltage in my recent poll


Sounds good! Have you asked about the 219c 90+ CRI versions that are supposed to be released now? Seems they are available up to 4500-5000k? according to the data sheet, if you can mix and match I know there are a lot of people that would like some 90+ CRI 219C’s.

Link to poll?

No, it’s confirmed that the 219C Ra9050 only available in 3000K. If you look at the website the rest of the CCT only available in Ra8000. (corrected by Maukka). I asked my local Nichia representative


This pdf states 2700, 3000, 3500, and 4000K available as 9050.

I know, asked for it many times. And the answers always negative. I just called him yesterday.
Still not ready yet. They said “maybe” next year

Oh well, it was worth a shot. Depending on price I would still be down for some 219’s as well though, I am really liking tint mixing lately and 80+ CRI tint mixed lights look quite good as well.

Non-oxide Ceramics – Aluminum Nitride (AlN): Ceramic Material with Very High Thermal Conductivity @ CeramTec

Who's gonna request a quote for a big box of standard 16 and 20mm boards with multiple wire contact points and thick copper traces to these guys? O:)


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