Nichia 144A and 229A series: bigger dies, more output, 90CRI included,.......but no thermal slug :-(

You’re right. I edited my post. Well maybe other Nichia distributors have it. I asked the Sout East Asia distributor in Singapore via Indonesian representative.

Interesting material....You go (buy) first, I'll follow

Also the Reylight Pineapple is supposed to be 219C 4000K R9050.


I can get the 219C 4000K Ra9050. It’s available now

You mean like these?

I couldn’t find the CRI of them for certain, i think it’s 92 (?)

Very nice, if you can get these for a good price I would get a few, I do prefer 4500k myself so it would keep me from stocking up.

I can’t wait to see the test results.

The 144A test results? Djozz output test here and maukka CRI test here.

When I’m back home I can do a test on the 219C 3000K R9050 that clemence has sent. I may also wait for the 4000K R9050 that will come from Rey shortly. But not both, that seems not meaningful because the output, current and voltage behaviour will be similar.

And for that matter the test will not differ much from the 5000K 83 CRI version that I tested last year I guess, same voltage curve and same output curve but shifted a bit vertically because the output bins of the high CRI versions are lower.

No 4500K available based on the data sheet. The 9050 only available from 2700K-4000K, the rest is Ra8000 max.
The sell price is approximately the same as the other sellers here, also quantity sensitive.
I can’t beat China based seller since the courier services are extremely cheap there. For small order quantity they’re your best bet.

- Clemence -

But it’s possible to arrange several stocker points to save shipping cost. For example: US, Europe, and Asia representatives hahahaha
We could start a then

Yeah, it is possible we could do some “local group buys” to save on shipping.

I could handle a US based group buy, assuming I have the funds available at that point in time. It would drop the shipping cost per order from $10 - $20 to around $3 per order, much more reasonable.

I was able to get 5 sw505, M600, L2 Nichia NWSW229AT’s from the North American distributor. I’ll throw some pictures up tonight when I get home - but does anyone have the ability and desire to test them? Yours if you want them.

Edit: only 70 CRI, so nothing fancy on that end, but should give us an idea as to how the 229A’s perform.

I can test the lumen output / forward voltage but not the CRI. Although I do not have any MCPCB’s that it would work on.

You can use anything like Djozz/Virence/119 with 2 pads style board. The bridge width is the same @ 0,5mm.

Yeah, yours or the djozz boards would work but I don’t have any of them on hand :wink:

It is not worth ordering them just for a single LED due to shipping costs but I could order some down the road with another order.

229A predictably doesn’t really look any different than a 119C, and it’s sort of odd they abandoned the 1xx nomenclature for two pad, 2xx for three pads. Wonder if the die is the same size?

Seems they’re only available in standard 70 CRI only