Nichia 219C @ 3.7V ?


My key chain flashlight (Thorfire TK01) is a single AAA unit with Nichia 219C LED. I’m using a 10440 Li-Ion battery instead of the AAA. I’ve pulled the 219C datasheet. It looks like 3.6V is the maximum this emitter can take. Anyone know if the emitter will tolerate the Li-Ion battery?

For whatever it’s worth, the light is crazy bright with the Li-Ion battery. It’s really quite impressive.

EDIT: I should have mentioned that heat seems make it away from the emitter, the unit warms up quickly.


It’ll have no problem.

To reach a forward voltage of 3,6V on an 83CRI 219C emitter, you would need to draw over 10A from the cell, even with a lower forward voltage 90CRI 219C you have in your TK01.

The highest current 10440s can muster is 3A. That means you will never get even close to the emitter’s max forward voltage, even with a 219C 90CRI.

Wonderful! Thank you.

Might not be great for the driver, though. It’s specified for AAA, not lithium ion.