Nichia 219C D320 - BLF Special Deal V2 - MTN Electronics

We are offering a special deal on these LEDs on a limited-time and limited-quantity basis. See below for LED and deal details.

LED Specifications:

  • Nichia NVSW219CT "219C" LEDs
  • D320 Flux Bin
  • R7000 CRI Rank (~70 CRI)
  • 5000K 7-step MacAdam centered ellipse temperature
  • Low vF allows for tons of output and easy regulation, even at high amps
    • If you use this LED with an FET driver + high drain cell, you may overheat the LED! It is recommended to use a 10A or lower capable cell if you use a single 219C with an FET driver
    • With a triple setup you can use an FET and it will pull tons of amps! 3000+ OTF lumens!
  • Similar output to an high-bin cool-white XP-G2, but with much better CRI and tint; also easier to hit 5A+ due to the extremely low vF requirement
    • Check out djozz's thread for more output + vF information
      • Please note that djozz's testing was on a lower flux binned LED, so these should have higher output

Here's the Deal:

From 4-14-16 until 4-23-16 or until the promotion deal is sold out the pricing will be as follows:

  • Bare LEDs: $2 Each
    • 250 Available Quantity
  • 10mm Sinkpad Mounted LEDs: $4.50 each
    • 50 Available Quantity
  • 16mm & 20mm Noctigon Mounted LEDs: $4 Each
    • 16mm: 50 Available Quantity
    • 20mm: 50 Available Quantity
  • 20mm Noctigon Mounted Triple MCPCB: $10.00 Each
    • 40 Available Quantity
  • 32mm Noctigon Mounted Triple MCPCB: $12.75 Each
    • 10 Available Quantity

Once either the promotion quantity is depleted or the promotion period ends the regular listings at regular prices will become available. Promotion is for a limited time and for the specified limited quantities. No rainchecks or backorders. Price does not include shipping.

Nice!!! This is the first time I see a 70CRI 219C available to us mere citizens, the D320 flux rank should give 13% more output than the D280 that I tested, so the output should (by a hair) beat the XP-G2 S4.

edit: I looked over the source of my tested 219C again (Lumitronics), they do not give the rank but back then I derived the rank from Lumitronic's lumen information (280lm at 700mA=D280), but now that I looked at it again they state maximum values instead of minimum values. So the rank that I tested was D260 instead of D280. The D320 from the OP therefore should give 21% more output, and so beat the XP-G2 by 9% (still in theory derived from single led-tests that is).

And that with so much more capability because of the low Vf!

The XP-L Hi with the same footprint and approximate throw still has better output (#crunch #crunch....: 38% at 5A for a V2 bin) but is expensive, has a high Vf, and in a triple or quad optic it gives a quite ugly beam (I found), while The 219C works great with the Carclo optic. (btw, the tint of Nichia's is usually better than Cree, but 70CRI=70CRI I guess?)

Can this be de domed?

I am looking for replacement emitter for new series of xp-g2 s4 2b.

Dedoming is not as straightforward as with the Cree leds (as usual), and I have not seen great throw numbers from the 219C yet, some experimentation is still needed. The limited attempt that I did was not succesful at least.

Just done my first orer on MTN…$13 in shipping fee but at $2 per emitter I couldn’t say no !
With 10 emitters, I might convert a few light :stuck_out_tongue:

We will find out :wink:

User Chadvone has mentioned that he has de-domed the 219c. I have asked him in the MTN thread if he could give some more info on this.

Ordered some to check out, thanks a ton for this opportunity Richard!

As a general question, are the 4000K 219C’s out there? I have not been looking intently, but my go to spots do not seem to have any….

I really like the tint on the 219B-V1 4000K…

so… in addition to nice tint, this thing can be driven hard… but, what SIZE is the emitter, as compared to a known CREE emitter?

is it… XML sized? XPG sized? cause if i can get something making 1000 lumens in a smaller than XML emitter? thats a good aspheric thrower candidate…

219c’s are 3535-package like Cree XP-G. In fact they’re direct drop-in replacments. I’ve reflowed a few 219c’s onto XP-L boards in some of my lights. Its a great upgrade.

219s will mount on XP sized pads

oh. I meant… “size of emitter”, as in… the XML2 is a BIG emitter, so… while it makes a lot of light? in an aspheric zoomie that light is sprfead out over a bigger area… the XPG2 emitter? throws better in an aspheric zoomie, because its a small emitter, even though it makes less light than an XML2, it does very well in a zoomie.

whats the size of the emitter compare to? so i can imagine the size of projected emitter ina focused zoomie…

the die of the 219C is exact the same size as XP-G2 (well, before the recent enlargement of the XP-G2 die), but for the same throw in an aspheric, the 219C needs to be succesful dedomed, just as can be done with a XP-G2, and this is still the challenge!

Djozz can 219C be cooked with your(our) diy fet driver? I mean if I use samsung 30q or LG hg2?

The 219C can hardly be cooked, it is tougher than the XP-G2, there’s several succesful mods done with direct drivers and maximum reduction of resistance. But the maximum output of the 219C is under 6A, and with its low Vf I suspect that those mods run the led over its maximum performance. But you do not really notice that: at 8A the output is only 10% lower than max, which can only be measured, not seen. and the led just keeps on going.

We measured tailcap current readings of old xp-g2 s4 2b with fet driver and they were from 4,2-4,5A

If this will go over 5 amp or even more than 6… Well that’s a lot…

So I am really interested did you try to read tailcap current draw with 219c and your fet driver? Or did anyone measured this?

Yup. There goes my lunch money for the week.

I ordered the 20mm triple.
Whats a good host aside from the convoy s-series? Any other hosts I can just drop into and buy an optic?

I can confirm that this does ~10.5% more OTF in the same triple light than the D280 does. That sounds about right, considering the losses from the optics. It does over 3000 lumens OTF in my S6, but only for a few seconds (the battery begins to sag and things begin to heat up quick!)

I built a Meteor with some last night, and they did 7400 OTF. That is virtually equivalent to the S4 2B Meteors, but the 219C D320 should be more efficient because the Meteor is current regulated and the vF is much lower on the 219C, so the total wattage should be less.

The tint on these is very neutral and virtually equivalent to the D280 80+ CRI 5000K. Back-to-back there is a small difference, with the 80+ CRI showing slightly richer colors. I still think the tint on these is excellent.

Thanks for the bargain :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes i still got some of those ( 5000k R85) and as Richard said it could be fried when paired with a fet dd driver, even without a spring bypass the tail amp reaches 6amps easy, plus the tint shifts greatly: yet its a great option for 18650 based S2( for instance) or maybe the best emitter for atripple X6 or S2 or similar

I tried slicing, dedoming, yet nothing helped me achieve good dedoming so far

Maybe stupid question… But is there a way to add additional resistance on fet to lower emitter current draw? Maybe longer wires or something?

6A without bypassed springs is a lot. With bypassed would probably go over 7A.