Nichia 219c tint

Hi all
Today i modded my S2+ with a 219c 4000k on dtp from kaidomain Modding was really easy and i am very happy with the result.
The only thing which is not clear tot me is the tint. Compared with the reylight pineapple which i thought was 4000k as well, the color looks more yellow then expected. Could you tell why the difference is so obvious?
Left is convoy S2+ on 2,8 A (stock) right, reylight.

I had the same question when i built a S2+ triple with those.
Quite a warm tint, looks like 3500K to me.

I have found the 219c has more yellow and less red tint than the earlier nichia’s. I had the same experience when I built my first 219c triple. So the color temp can be 4000k and the tint depends on the tint specs.

I like those rose tint from BLF348 lights, but its colder overall

I have the exact same observation with my Kaidomain 4000K 219C triple - they appear very yellow.

Favorite Nichia is the 348, so I reflowed three of them onto a triple MCPCB - just need to find a host for it.

I’d like to know if anyone with 219C 4000K nichias from Clemence have the same tint as the kaidomain ones . ?
I have a Jaxman 4000K that I think has too much yellow in it too .

The Nichia sw40 tint range is very wide, can range from ~3750K - ~4250K.
The sw40 bin covers 16 different Cree bins.
Here are some beamshots of different sw40s

I have the 4000K from clemence and it’s kinda yellow, not bad overall though.
EDIT: the 4000K from are really nice, my favorite sw40, but they are 219B V1.

I have those from illumn, very nice !.

Yeah really nice tint, Henry from HDS uses these in his HCRI 200. He had mentioned that everyone of the LEDs he tested had passed his CRI testing unlike the previous Nichia batch he had used. :+1:

I have a sportac triple 219c 4000k

and its defo towards the yellow side!!

I will be able to check out my recent Nichia purchase from Clemence only when I return to the USA in a month, but have to agree the sw40 Nichias from are hard to beat if you like Rose (with a whisper of magenta). The company (IS) had a lot to do with Nichia 219A Leds becoming popular ‘way back when’.

The one light I reflowed them into has become my standard EDC and ‘go to light’.
While keeping bin variations and photographic reproduction processes in mind, we remember temperature and tint are less than synonymous.
Tints can vary greatly while maintaining the same temperature.
Kelvin temperatures are based on the colors of heated metal, often overly simplified by illustrating the color range between yellow (sun) and blue (sky).
Using a color wheel as reference, red/magenta, and green/cyan vectors influence the tint to varying degrees, while allowing the color temperature in Kelvin terms to remain the same.

This illustration may be of some use.
By super-saturating the colors in the OP’s photo, it can be seen the beam on the right contains more blue and green (cyan), while the beam on the left seems more biased towards red and magenta, with a preponderance of yellow.
The better balance of RGB components in the Reylight Led produces a whiter, more neutral light, albeit comparatively cooler than the more yellow Led from Kaidomain.

Thanks for this interesting and helpful answer!
The remaining question is, how to be sure that what you buy is what you expect?

I just measured 2 modules I purchased recently.
Kaidomain 219c R9050 D240 4000k and intl outdoor 219c R8000 D260 5000k.

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Thanx SP5IT!

Flowing your own, or having somebody reflow for you is the best bet after getting your LEDs from a known reel, from reliable dealers like IS and RMM.
Some brick and mortar businesses can be convinced to high-grade their stock for particular preferences.

When I measure tint hue shifts, I find that whatever Nichia 219 they put in the Reylight Pinapple (they claim 219C, but often when companies say that it’s really a 219B) is 4000K with zero tint shift to either magenta or green. Most other lights I have with Nichia 219 have a magenta shift (which is quite nice if you like that), and one has a green shift (yuck!).

So, I think you’re right that your Nichia 219C isn’t a pure white.

Tints of 219B are centered under the BBL (black body locus) line. Tints of 219C are centered right on the BBL line (so the tints of half of the LEDs are above it). Above the line means yellow/green tint, below it means red. The BBL line means “perfect tint-free white” (regardless of color temperature). Of course a 3000K will still be more reddish than one with 6000K.

There are also different Macadams Ellipse tint bins of the 219C. There is 3-step, 5-step and 7-step. It basically defines how far away from the BBL line the tint of an LED can be. 3-step is the best. It basically means the worst tint in this Bin is much closer to the BBL than the worst tint in the 5- or 7-step macadams ellipse.

If you look closely at the LED you can easily see if it’s a 219B oder 219C. The package looks different.

I agree that the 219c tend to be Yellowish, (tint above the BBL)
the N219b tend to be Pinkish (tint below the BBL)

I recommend taking a photo of your hand when comparing LEDs

My Manker Lad w N219c 4000k
Yellow tint (Above the BBL)

My Lumintop Copper Worm with N219b 4500k:
Pink (magenta) tint (Below the BBL)

Lad 219c left, Worm 219b right

I prefer the 219b, have not seen a 219c with a non Yellow tint, and certainly no Rosy ones… I like Rosy.

All 4000K 219C Ra9050 3 steps are naturally closer to yellow zone, and slim chance for rosy tint. With 7 steps the probability is higher either sides (super yellow or slightly rosy).

Stick with 219B sw45k if you really hate yellow tint. Even the 219B sw40 still can be slightly yellow.

- Clemence