Nichia drop-ins, SF L2m, and some other stuff - All sold or withdrawn

For Sale

US addresses only. Shipping is $2.50 for the first item, $.50 for each additional item. All items have been tested to ensure that they work, but are sold as-is. PM me with your Paypal address.

Nichia 219A B10 700mA drop-ins - withdrawn
XPG2 CW 700mA drop-in - withdrawn
SF L2m 2011 - $11 each - SOLD
XPG CW 350mA drop-in - $0 - SOLD
2AAA Mini Mag Nichia DS mod - $0 - SOLD


Nichia 700mA Drop-in.

LED is Nichia 219A B10 (92CRI, 4500K) from Illumination Supply reflowed to 16mm Al board.
Driver is Nanjg 101-AK-A1 configured to 3 modes (L-M-H). High mode is 700mA constant.

Why 700mA instead of the usual 1.4A? I think 700mA offers the best combination of output, run time, and low heat for a 219A. 700mA translates to about 200 lumens, about 4 hours of continuous regulated run time on a single 18650, and very low heat. An SF L2 barely feels warm even after hours of continuous use with this drop-in.

The driver and the solder joints on the star are potted with Fujik for some added durability. Wires are 24ga sil wire.

The drop-ins are new, but each one has minor blemishes that were either there when I received the components or were caused by me during assembly. They range from barely visible flecks on the reflectors to scuff marks on the outer rim of the reflector. None of the blemishes impair function.

XPG2 700mA Drop-in.
LED is XPG2 R5 1A
Construction is the same as the Nichia drop-ins.

Solarforce L2m 2011 w/ reverse clicky, stainless bezel, holster, spare o-rings and switch boot
The L2m are not exactly new, but they are essentially unused. They were backups that I had sitting in a container for a year. They have some very small nicks and scratches, but all were caused during disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly, and not from actual use. The imperfections are small enough that I don’t think my camera can capture them. I cleaned everything recently and lubed the o-rings lightly with Superlube.
The bezels were tightened with a Jaxa type wrench and will be very difficult to remove if you don’t have one yourself. I can loosen it before shipping if necessary.

XPG 350mA drop-in
Made with spare parts. XPG emitter, unknown tint and output bin - probably 6500K R5, but I’m not sure. Nanjg 350mA single mode driver. The rest of the construction is the same as the Nichia and XPG2 drop-ins.

Mini-Mag 2AAA Nichia DS mod
The emitter is an older Nichia DS, trimmed and plugged directly into the bulb socket. It is direct drive. The reflector was sanded and painted black. The lens has a lot of fine scratches. I disassembled, cleaned, and relubed it recently.

I’ll take both the l2m’s, the xpg 350ma dropin, and the minimag. I have a us shipping address. Pm inbound!

PM received and replied.

L2m, XPG 350 drop-in, and Minimag are SOLD.

Iss the nichia the high CRI neutral white ? How much estimated lumens ?

Yup, these are 92 CRI 4500K Nichia 219A B10 emitters from Illumination Supply.
The output at 700mA should be about 200 lumens according to spec. Testing performed by Match (link) and by CPF member Foxtrot (link) support that figure.

Ahh. Just 200 eh ? Too low for me :frowning:

Now if it had this emitter…

Any idea what kinda driver is needed for that ?

I’m sorry these aren’t what you’re looking for.

The Eagletac triple might be more your speed. They are reasonably priced.

Yup I have one on the way from goinggear for my new L2P.

Kinda pricy though since it came out to $40 shipped to canada.

The tri emitter itself is like 7 bucks. Wonder if I can get a driver, solder it up (should be able to) and throw it in a p60 pill / reflector.

Might be much cheaper that way plus I can get MODES that way ! No modes on my sportac p60 (still on it’s way)

hi, does the L2P require a spring to fit this new out SPORTAC P60 Triple Nichia?.
if so, where can I get one.


I’m not from the US but would pay the postage to Germany, i estimate ~ $12-15.
Are the Nichia drop ins still available, would really love ’em?

Long gone I’m afraid. I should have updated the title.