Nichia GS 5MM LED 28lm @ 70ma

I was having a bit of a rant on another non-flashlight forum, because they were saying how good some crappy lantern was.

I went to the Nichia site to check the specs for the GS and noticed they have a new version, the "NSDW570GS-K1".

28lm at 70ma*3.4v=238mw seems really rather impressive, especially for a 5mm LED. I wonder how warm they get, the datasheet isn't very clear.

Now if only I could find somewhere that sold them, in English without a large minimum order...I wouldn't mind the moon on a stick either :P

Datasheets -

Very interesting but the only people who have it want a lot of money just for shipping, to most not european countries start at 30 usd beside $ 2.50 each piece.

The cooling on 5mm's is non-existent. you'd need 10 gauge wire to do real heat transfer. The light output will likely quickly deteiorate.

For their size, the Nichia's are impressive. Although... the above output only calculates out to 117.6 lm/w. May not be bad if you're using one to upgrade a very small light, but if you're looking for more an xpg or xml can exceed that efficiency at low current.

Another option for cheap Nichia's would be to buy a fusion 36 drop-in off of ebay ($25 free shipping). Just under $0.70each and are a nice neutral white, although I'm not sure the exact bin #.

sounds like a good upgrade for the BLF delight

Hi Pook

i have a fusion 36 that i have been harvesting the GS leds from

pm me your address and i will post you a few

cheers Barrie

I bought Nichia GS here:

10 pcs. for 9.90 Euro + 3.90 Euro shipping

shipping out of the EU is a bit expensive though...

Thanks Barrie!