Nichia NV4L144/W144 AME/ARE CRI and output testing

Well, I’m sure it’s up to spec with 10ms pulsed current. The newer batch of 144AM are 2% more efficient (1050lm vs 1071lm at 1400mA).
Another method to find point(s) from a graphical curve is this:

Got this link from Texas_Ace. Very useful when dealing with secretive manufacturer like Nichia

- Clemence

Oh wow, that is a lifesaver, thanks!

Indeed, it is amazing. I wish I could remember who sent it to me, it was someone else on here during the GT design. Might of been 5AR.

Great tool, thanks!

Superb with interpolation from charts by secretive reviewers who don’t publish raw numbers. :slight_smile:

Today I asked for E1000 or E1100 flux bin for sm403 and sm453 144AM/144AR instead the E900 like what I got earlier. And Nichia simply said they can’t give it to me for my order quantity (3000 pcs). The yield is too small for such high flux bin.
When I said I need the highest bin possible to compete with existing XHP50 I received a short answer: No it’s superior to XHP50!

Then I sent them the output vs current graph of 144AM vs XHP50 from Djozz’s test which indeed showed that 144AM was superior to XHP50 below 4A. I received another answer: Sorry we can’t accept your evidence since it’s far beyond datasheet rating. It’s better than XHP50 (XHP50 CRI 90 vs 144A R9050).

Enough said, can’t argue with them…. :frowning:

- Clemence

Can they give you E1100 in smaller quantities?

No. It’s random between E900, E1000, and E1100

- Clemence

Reviving an old thread.
Can anybody recommend a good flashlight to be used as a host for a Nichia 144am?

Open to 18650 and 26650 single cell lights, on the compact side with a good efficient boost driver.
Some lights I’m considering are the Sofirn SP33, or Thrunite TC20.

As the Nichia 144am is prone to yellow donut in the middle of the beam, wanted to check in and see if anybody has successfully modded a light using this LED in a reflector without the need for DC Fix.

The only reflector I’ve found effective for perfectly smoothing out the egg yolk hotspot has been the one from the Nitecore TM03. The one COB LED optics Clemence sent me for E21A tint mix testing was also superb for it.

The Haikelite MT01.

It has a very OPed reflector, and works well with it.

The TM03 has a very interesting reflector, thanks for the recommendation. The proprietary battery kills it for me though…
The MT01 is a 3 cell light… looking for 1 cell.

Might have to resort to using DC Fix…
If I do resort to DC Fix, any other recommendations.

I wonder how the Lumintop ODF30 would do…

This is the only optic that i found to work satisfactory with this LED:

Fits Sofirn SP33 (V2.0) bezel diameter.

Have you tried it? I have a SP33 v2.0 modded with 4xE21A and I’m using DC-Fix to smooth out the beam but this would be a much better solution if it works.

Yes i have tried a bunch of TIR optics on the 144A, and this is the only one that produces a nice even tinted beam.
A little wide maybe, because it’s 30°.

I bet it will work with quad E21 too, but you never know with TIR optics until you try…

I meant have you tried it in the SP33 and was it a direct drop in without needing to mod anything to make it fit? Looking at the photos, the flat base seems like it would be resting over the solder leads. How did you get around that?