Nichia NV4x144Ax: What voltage and CCT would you like?

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So, are you going to open a sale thread?

I think so. But we have to wait until Q1 2017 when I have them.
I have to place the order no later than January 2017

Maybe by then the 219C 90+ CRI will be out. So it is only the 144A you will be ordering?

I could only vote once so I voted for the 4500K but I would actually like 3 tints, around 6000, 4500 and 3000. Or 5500, 4500 and 3500. Basically so I can tint mix triples to a nice ~4500ish tint outcome.

Although a 90+ CRI 4500 would on paper be no different, in the real world it seems “flatter” then a tint mixed light.

All that said whatever works best for you is fine, keep it simple. 4500k would satisfy most high CRI buffs for tint options.

Ha! I’m not the only one who likes to mix the colour. It was when I ran out of certain LED I mixed them and got interesting results. Behind a heavy diffusser the blending looks nice.
As for the colour, I will still buy the 3000K and 5700K for my project. If I can get 250pcs (the last time, it was 500pcs) MOQ for each different colour groups, I’ll get all those CCTs for you guys. The other most important factor is the voltage as this NV4 can’t be easily configured as XHP50.

Does lower vf really matters? It’s already much lower than XHP50 though. In my application it’s not a big concern, I use AC/DC drivers - no batteries involved
I’ll ask if the highest flux and lowest vf cost more or not. According to Nichia’s policy, they decide the proportion for the buyer.

Yeah, lower Vf is always better but at 2S and 4S voltages it is not nearly as important.

For flashlights 6V will be much more easily used in most cases, in the few that it would be better with 12V we are generally using multiples and could run them in series. So 6V is what I would get for flashlight use for sure.

It is also why a nice 3V emitter would be great as well if they let you mix different types of emitters.

Tint mixing is sexy! I really love it behind a TIR lens, nice even blend of colors.

I already made some 5700k / 3000k tint mixed lights and they look BEAUTIFUL, I would just like a 4500k to fill in the 3rd LED for triples and it would be perfect.

So yeah, 4500k 6V is the best choice if those other tints would also be available.

Now to see if you can get any other types of LED’s at the same time, I guess the 219 is the only 3V LED they have that is any good right now?

I voted 4500K 6V. Ready when you are!

Actually for light panel builds, the NVSWE21A and NVSLE21A also very interesting
As long as you can make a neat board, it could be a seamless wall of lights with decent efficacy and great colour

Those are interesting indeed. An MCPCB with say 5x5 or 10x10 of those would be interesting, you could then connect multiple PCB’s together to get as many as you wanted. Imagine 100+ of those working together, ~ 20,000 lumens of high CRI uninterrupted light. It would be very pretty if not majorly impractical.

Their flagship in SE Asia market is the 757. But they’re not guaranteed for outdoor uses due to the silver plating and plastic case - prone to sulfuration. The new 219 and 144 are ceramic based and gold plated - resist sulfuration much better.
I think I’ll ask for some samples of E21s in the package to experiment with. :wink:

Great stuff. :+1:

The polling will still be available until 2016 December 31st

Any prospects on this yet?

Yeah, high prospect. I’ll start ordering late this October. Factory lead time is 4-5 weeks (from the launching) for the NV4, 2-3weeks for the 219C. But they’ll try to sell me their NV4 sample stock (same spec as the final version) if it’s available for faster delivery.

- Clemence -

Will it be interesting for me, as a guy in EU who would like, say, 2 pieces of the 6 Volts 4000K (or 4500K) on MCPCB?

I’ll post the offer once I get them. I also need to learn how to sell in the commercial section.

I voted 3500K 6V, I assume this is about R9050 leds.

It is lonesome for 3500K lovers, there was the XM-L2 6A1 80CRI, later a 6A3 XP-L, both since long sold out at intl-outdoor, and my copper AA Maratac houses an outdated gen1 3500K 80CRI Oslon Square that still produces a lovely tint.

I’m almost prepared to buy the Nitecore TIP CRI, just for the purpose of robbing the 3500K R9050 219C that is inside :person_facepalming:

3000K is a tad too warm for my taste.

As far as I know you simply have to post in there and not cross post the same thing in other areas of the site (minor advertising when warranted is usually accepted).

I think the biggest thing is just being up front that you are selling it as a company/business and not spamming the site with it. Although there is a thread in that section with all the official rules.