Nichia To CW Led's

hi folks’ , I’m looking at swapping my nichia219b 4500k 9080’s in my s2+ triple to some Cool Whites.
anything latest ? - to suggest for pure white, pure bright ? .

was told of luminous SST-40 N4 BA.


Do you want to use a single LED or triple?
The SST-40 is a nice cold white LED but it doesn’t fit since it’s a 5050 LED, not a 3535 like the 219C.

I have a triple and a 12LED King with the XP-G2 S2 2B - that’s a pretty white white
sadly, this led isn’t buyable as a triple, but if you can reflow… +

Edit: Better than that would possibly be a 5000K 219C triple


(What’re you gonna do with the old emitters and optix? :slight_smile: )

I’ll gladly take those 219b’s off your hands

I’ll take the 4500k 219Bs and trade you for some XP-G3 6500k, 219C 5000k, 219B 5700k, or 319AT 6500k.

Bidding war… :smiley:

not so sure yet.

thanks, i will get back to you .

I would reflow whatever choice onto a noctigon triple MCPCB, so you wouldn’t have to worry about doing that.

I also have SST-40 6500k, but as others have said that wouldn’t work as a triple. If you did want to go that way I could provide the reflector, pill, and MCPCB to convert from triple to single.