Nichia vs xpl hi 4000k

I can’t decide on the emitter for D4.
I see the xpl hi has 1k more lumens, but after a few seconds wouldn’t the xpl, or nichia be equal in brightness?

Would they both last the same time on a charge?

Not sure on the runtime difference but the XP-L HI does not get as hot, as fast as the Nichia option. I went with the Nichias simply because I wanted the higher CRI in my D4.

Hope this helps.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend checking out TK’s review of the D4. Very informative. It helped me make the decision you’re facing.

Thank you, I’m still so indecisive.
I do like Rosy tints, sometimes 4000k is Rosy.
But at the same time cri is important.

Then there is the heat issue. I use my lights often, if I can have 1000 lumens for say 1 min. Instead of 30 seconds that is sort of a big deal.

If you care about heat and a rosy tint, than go for the xp-g2 5D version.

I believe the differences in Brightness and CRI and Heat are real.

otoh, I do not think runtime changes

not sure how long a D4 can hold 1000 lumens

maybe these charts will help

There is no way to know what lumens a D4 is operating at, unless you put it on an integrating sphere. There is no way to set the light to come on at 1000 lumens, unless you rely on the memory mode after using and integrating sphere… that means you cant change modes, or you will lose the 1000 lumen memory

you might be better off with a Zebra, if about 1000 lumens is a desired repeatable goal

Very detailed information, thank you, I read the link as well, the D4 ti looks wonderful, and I think it would be a fun show off light, but the more I read into it i see it’s not very practical for my use. It’s an amazing light but just not the tool I am looking for.
Thank you for your help. I will read more about zebralight. That high cri model with xhp50 looks nice. But it has a frosted lens. I have never owned a frosted lens before.

The xhp50 model costs a little more than the model in link. I’m going to watch some YouTube videos, I need to wait until my refund is in from sc26 anyhow. I have some time to figure out what I really want

sc600Fd beam discussed here

the poster named ven has a lot of zebra and tint knowledge, you might want to send him a PM and invite his input

fwiw, I have never owned a Zebra, Im not a 1000 lumen user, and I dont get paid to suggest Zebras to people, just a public service opinion

I hope you find a light that works well for your applications

When I bought one for a gift last time around, I went with Nichia because I was giving it to someone who would have it as their only light, so CRI would be useful, and also because the XPL HI option was +$15.

With that said, the flashlight for most of us here will really be a monster “hot rod” light, and for that reason I think the XPL-HI makes sense, with the additional bonus of it running cooler. The price drop (-$15 or so) now also means this is a lot more affordable.

If you are going to end up with a headlamp or small EDC light with high CRI that you’ll use most commonly, then I’d just go with XPL-HI here. If you want to make this your go-to and more practical every day light, then I’d lean towards Nichia.

I do use an armytek wizard warm around the house. This light would be in place of my custom convoy m1 that I carry to work, and everywhere in between.
Xpl hi would be better because it runs cooler. These are also cheaper than zebralight.

The armytek headlamp has a very good amount of light, and it can stay bright for a long time without stepping down. It just has no throw to it. It is all flood, as a headlamp should be.

For what it’s worth: I bought a Zebralight SC62d as soon as they came out and I logically had no reason to pursue the flashlight hobby any more. Perfect tint, perfect carry clip, great interface, it’s in my pocket right now despite me having enough lights to equip a safari. I just love flashlights!
My original SC62d died a horrible emitter death and I bought another from Gunga and nothing has been able to knock it off it’s perch.
If you like the hobby you may find that the Zebralight disrupts your fun.
I’ve got lights on the way, lights that haven’t even been made yet I’m in for 2, got batteries for a DQG 1/2AA light today and have been playing with it tonight. But you know what’s in my pocket.
The D4 is amazing and if it came with a decent clip it would probably let my SC62d take a rest now and then, but there’s not a fantastic clip option that I’m aware of. I guess it costs a lot more to have a standoff with threaded holes for a nice screwed-on clip.
My old Zebra only puts out about 300 lumens but I’ve never really needed more.
The D4 is a little beast, but not for too long. Very impressive output. More impressive is the UI, very nice if you don’t mind glissando like an old ELP keyboard solo. The ramping UI allows you to ramp down to the least amount of light you need very smoothly.
I could ramble all night. This is the Golden Age of Flashlights.

We all love lamp.

If funds allowed I would buy the D4 ti, zebralight, and an armytek partner c2. But I have to choose just one for right now. I do have quite a few lights. But I want a new edc. I guess the sc26 falling through got me going.
I do have a Q8 for sheer light output, a few cigar style lights.

I just feel i have not found the perfect edc yet. I may need a few days to decide, I am spending all my free time research all the links guys are giving. And there are so many nice lights.
Without a good clip, and extreme heat D4 seems like it is not in first place now.
Prime c2 or partner c2 by armytek look nice, so does the zebralight with the xhp50.

I use my lights at the end of shift to check the windows outside the buildings, I look at the fields, I basically find an exuse to run full blast for a bit. It makes my day. when I get home I check on the animals out back, I like to be able to light up a large area to see any animals that don’t belong. But I can’t always carry my Q8 around. Little big for my pockets
Armytek has been good to me with replacing faulty lights, they have an excellent 10 year warranty. Zebralight only offers 1 year, and it’s a lot of money to put down. Decisions decisions…
I’m just too indecisive.

in case Jake has not come across this

it shows that the 62d uses a LuxeonT, and I believe that is a grail light for ven also

here is another guy who said his Zebra, in this case w XP-L2 made him stop looking at other women, for a minute or two

from what I hear, Zebras are refundable for the first 30 days if its not Love at first Light.

Have you considered the Xtar warboy? I just got that today ($20 @ / warm tint only).

The warm tint has a max 950 lumen (CW is 1,000 lumen), temperature regulation is quite smooth, still a headlamp so it shouldn’t be too unfamiliar but it has an OP reflector. The pocket clip is a bit loose so I’ll be modifying that to sit more securely but overall, I really like this to be in my EDC rotation.

Back when the warboy came out I almost bought one, that is a good price. I will tell a friend of mine.
I’m thinking about investing in an armytek partner c2 warm tint xhp35