Nietcore D4 Digicharger

There was no MAP on i4 AFAIK, so maybe there's no MAP on d4 either?

Those who didn't buy the GEARBEST BT-C3100 can now finally buy their new charger too: NIETCORE!!

Can somebody ask WB, FT, BG or GB for a group buy price?

Who would NOT take one?

375ma x4=fail

I think your post title was right NIETcore.
I already have an i4v2 thanks

Why you have Vlad the Impaler in your avatar?

Revolutionary upgrade for IMR batteries??

my thoughts exactly… it looks like a great charger… i have 3 i4s and my only gripe is the slow current charging for 4 cells

we should be able to get a charger with 4x 1 amp like the efest luc v4… even if it means installing a small fan to manage heat

For those content with i4, but want a better display. I like its modern looking design, and that you can turn the backlight off.

I think at 15$ shipped it is a good charger.

And at 150$ shipped it would be a bad charger.

Does this make any sense? :)

Any HKJ review on this one?

at, least that is what their representative said it will cost at 13:50 (

35 lol?

I like the features, but this should not be more then 25$ when you got LUC V4 and Opus for 15 more….

None in the queue at the moment.

I will probably buy it later on and do a review, if a review is required soon, somebody (i.e. Nitecore) will have to send me one.

I need the charger for 4.35v!

Wait for xtar wp2h :slight_smile:

The BT-C3100 has an internal switch selector for that voltage.

if $25 shipped i’m in :bigsmile:

If you are not organising a group buy don’t put “Group buy:” in the title…
Otherwise, D4 looks nice, modern…

Thanks! I have noticed that already!

And how do you like my new gadget? :)

Looks good but I didn’t see any mention of discharge (for capacity readings) or a way to charge Li-ions to 3.7v for storage.