Night lights. What are some warm tint ones with auto sensing?

Looking to buy some warm tinted night lights for hallways to light my path at night. Would like a nice even warm glow for around the floor. Should be light sensing to turn off during the day if possible. Must be safe and NOT cause a fire when I’m at work or sleeping! LOL!

I got a couple from my electric company. I really like them but they are a cool white and don’t spread the light as evenly as possible. I think there is something better out there.

you can just swap out the leds in the ones you have, i have changed mine out with nichia 119’s

That’s a good idea but I only have two and need more. I don’t even know where to buy the ones my electric company sent me.

I use this search from time to time, to see what’s new; amend it to your taste:“night+light”“daylight+sensor”
click “Image” and look at what turns up.
I’ll probably go to Ikea next time I want some (their local prices are much lower than their mail order for the “Ikea 302.411.40 Patrull Nightlight/Sensor, Orange” )

Does anyone know how light-sensing incandescent nightlights are built?

I have tried putting the small LED replacement nightlight bulbs into some old good quality incandescent type nightlights.

One works fine.
One works at half brightness
One blinks

I can take’em apart and try to draw the circuits, but am hoping someone’s familiar enough to suggest what to look for to make these work.

I’ve found a lot of warm or amber nightlights, but so far almost all of them are on 24 hours — why waste that much electricity?

I have a light-sensing incandescent night light. For some reason the bulb glows dimly, not at full brightness. I opened it up to see what was going on inside and it was surprisingly simple. I don’t exactly remember what was in there but I know there was a transistor, and some resistors and/or diodes… oh and of course the photoresistor thing.
Not sure if that was a transistor though, it could be some other kind of chip, but I think it was a transistor.

Here is one that looks interesting

And it can be bought here in Sweden at least.

It got an amber led and turn on at dark & turn off when it is light automatically.

Good to know they exist.