Nightwatch Avaritia NA40GT - 12,000 lumens (advertised)

Found this on Neals Gadgets .

So someone changed the SST40s to XHP50.2. May push the 10 K Lumens (although it states 12,000). Comes with this monster battery 26980, supposedly can deliver 50 amps. This beast eats 38A. 130 watts. The light itself is built like a tank. Very heavy and I think the pill is copper (Someone here did take it apart, the SE version).

States “sold out” - actually never saw in the wild.

Edit Dec. 3rd ’19: Neal says the manufacturer stopped making them. ’Suppose they had thermal issues…

how is that small thing gonna handle that much lumens ??

everything can handle that lumen, the problem is, how long ?

well the host looks so weak no deep fins, i dont see the point really, 10 seconds ?

There’s already a thread about this NIGHTWATCH AVARITIA NA40GT

Thanks for the link. Was wondering why the post didn’t garner more interest.

Too bad I didn’t know earlier, would of maybe taken the plunge. Ok, might not sustain so much lumens, but 5 to 6 k lumens on high is usable (outdoors, cold in Canada). I have the NA40SE and never could get the 26980 battery / extension tube - Air Freight restriction in ‘Canuckland’ for LiIon cells.