Nightwatch Chaos NS59v2 is scary!

Nealsgadgets kindly sent the Nightwatch Chaos NS59v2 for review:

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Nice review. Turbo is way too much for only two cells.

God damn, they upgraded the spring contact system again.

At this point, the cells and cooling are the only limiting factor.

Also, the cells came with a huge capacity difference. That will certainly be problematic for cycle life.

Great job on a fantastic review!

Thanks Tim!

I would like to see a test with Samsung 30Ts and see how they compare to the Lishens. The Samsung 30T I think is actually underrated as far as amp draw as they run really cool at a 35amp discharge test. My guess is that they would at the very least be equal to the Lishen HPs.

I tried max amps of my V1 with XHP50.3 Hi 90cri’s using 2 different batteries. Lishen HP 3000mAh—>48A, Molicel P45B—>50A.

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@Rockenrooster yeah.

Personally, I’d prefer seeing the Samsung 30T and Molicel P45Bs be tested for this.

Actually, even better: test the Samsung 30T and Molicel P45B cells warmed up to 35C to see how much power you can really squeeze out of the light :slight_smile:

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This is the first time i’m hearing of the P45B, where can I buy those!?

There is low voltage protection but the battery might drain to 0V if you leave it on for a few days. The torch started flashing around 5.93V to indicate that the voltage is low. It turned off at 5.82V and a current of 53mA continued to be drawn.

Could you pls explain the 53 mA current draw? This is a continuous drain when light is off? Any idea what causes it? Thanks.

NKON had them last time I checked

Critique of this review:
No tear down. No mention of what mechanical switch is in it. No details about or photos of the driver.

I hooked the head of the flashlight up to a bench power supply via digital multimeter (measuring current) and set the voltage to 8.4V and gradually turned it down to 5.93V.

The current continued at 53mA when the voltage went below 5.93V and the LED was off. This could be an LVP issue.

Can’t wait to get mine. My boy Neal said that there are LED shortages or something and offered to let me order another light. I’m in no particular hurry but this puppy will be a fun toy! I like being able to carry an extra pair of batteries instead of sitting there waiting for some stupid proprietary USB charger to take hours to charge the internal battery cough Imalent cough

Vapcell have some P45B but they’re a bit expensive at this point in time. They might be cheaper when they’re more widely available.

I currently don’t have 30T or P45B handy to test. I have Samsung 40T, Vapcell T50, Lishen LR2170HP, various Sofirn/Wurkkos 21700 cells, and some Weltool and Cyansky 21700 cells with built-in USB-C chargers.

SFQ60.3 6000K seems to be out of stock. Nightwatch are making NS59V2 with XHP50.3 HD 6500K. It looks floodier and might hit 38k lumens instead of 31k lumens. I wonder if they’ll continue to make it with SFQ60.3… XHP50.3 looks nice on paper too.

Could you pls explain why you wrote the above? Are you referring to the 2 batteries in the tested light having different voltages? What kind of problem? Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback. The review format that I use is heavily influenced by 1lumen, tacgriz and zeroair. I.e. “User interface and driver” is one section that I try to cover but I rarely delve into details about the driver.

Here’s a teardown of the driver and tailswitch:

Cells are running in series so the flashlight is only seeing one voltage reading. If one cell isn’t matched in capacity it’s going to discharge lower than the other cell, this is a rather large issue if it discharges past 2.5v

Thanks Tim for the good review. I looked up the Acebeam X75 or Imalent MS18 since you mentioned they are “flooders with longer runtimes if money is not a concern.” After I see the cost of those 2 lights I would say money is always a concern :slight_smile: . The Chaos is extremely attractive at $128, but how do I know that it would ship with SFQ60.3 leds?

Sources please. I’m also thinking the XHP50.3 is a good alternative. But all my searches about Nightwatch keeps coming back the Neal. Is it his own brand?