NIGHTWATCH NSX3 9900lm 21700 LED Flashlight NS53A 6500K 9900lm

OK, mine came in today so a few thoughts:

This is a stupid light.
No, really. It is STUPID bright. Advertised as 9900 lumens. Maybe so.
It gets STUPID hot immediately.
The UI is STUPID. It is a tail clicky. You have to go through all the modes. Double click for turbo does work sometimes. It is a soft touch - you don’t have to click all the way to change levels.
It is all flood. There is like no real throw. But the wall of light in front of you is just amazing.
And you can not use it at higher levels for more than a minute or two, it just becomes too hot to hold. If it had a side switch you would not be able to shut it off!
I had it outside while I walked the dog. Was not on all the time (heat) so only a few minutes of use.
The charged 30T battery was down to 3.90 Volts. So it eats batteries! I guess the 40T would be more useful in this light.
I don’t regret buying it. It is COOL (well really HOT).
But not exactly an EDC. More of a flashaholic thing.

I got the higher output version

For the record, I am impressed with the light output on my D4SV2 6500K. This makes that light look weak.

Since I put it into reviews, I guess I should add:
Does NOT come with an 18650 adapter (I think the one from the E07 may work).
It does not have a TIR lens, it has a molded reflector, each channel is OP.
Nothing appears to be glued. The bezel comes right off, the driver looks to be secured with a ring.
Threads are smooth and lubricated. Extra O rings are supplied.
The anodizing looks good, the switch seems positive.

OK, that is insane.

This is the power of an M43 inside a much smaller package.

I wonder how the springs must be fairing in that thing.
Oh and everything else

I was gna purchase an EC01 but I like the sound of stupid…only thing is if it turns on at turbo in your pocket… you’re basically on fire. Btw how is the throw at max compared to the D4S?

You are not going to carry this in your pocket!
But in any case, it has mechanical lockout.
The throw is no where near as good as the D4S.
Close in it puts out way more, but at distance not even close.

Probably won’t get it if the throw’s that bad. sst40 should be better but it still has a dome. I’m looking for an edc light and a pocket thrower. EC01 seems perfect for EDC. The thrower needs to be the size of a GT mini but with a white flat or 3 of them. Cant find a light like that anywhere. Vinh has modded ones but they’re too expensive. Maybe hank will make a D1s with a white flat since he has the driver for the D1Sv2.

A thread on that project was up but the project was cancelled

Do you mind posting a few images of the beam? I am interested in getting one of these. Thanks

I only have the cell camera, probably won’t tell you what you want to know.

When you have the 9900 lumens version the UI is T, H, M, L and no double click to Turbo. Double click is only strobe.


Shouldn’t be a problem to put in a different driver - or are the 3 LEDs in Series and the driver boosts the voltage?
I am going to buy this. It’s just too cheap for close to 10K Lumens in a small package to be not bought.
Also this gives me an excuse to buy some 21700 Batteries - til now I dodged that investment.

Die Lampe ist echt der Hammer. Ich hab ja ca. 400 Lampen, aber so was hab selbst ich noch nicht gebaut. Die Lampe entzündet blaues Werkstattpapier, das auf den großen Rollen, innerhalb einer Sekunde. Total krank. Ich hab noch die Federn mit AWG 18 Kupferlitze gebrückt und nun ist sie eine Waffe!


I have no idea what you said!

The light is really the bomb. I do have about 400 lights, but that’s something I’ve not even built myself. The light ignites blue workshop paper, the one that comes in large rolls, within a second. Totally sick. I also bridged the springs with AWG 18 copper wire, and now it’s a weapon!

Thanks, it was for L4M4 he is also German.


I can remember the time when I got my first Flashlight with more than an XR-E or P4 in it - a C8 with a P7, maybe 500 Lumens OTF.
And now, 10 Years later, we can get close to 10K Lumens for not really expensive in the same size…
Ordered mine today with the Coupon from M4DM4X. Another phantastic deal.

And - the best translator that I have ever used:

So verstehen’s alle! :slight_smile:

Passt, merci

It is one of my favorite lights these days. The output is around 115 watts in such a small host. I can’t discribed it with words, you must see it yourself. This is a must buy.