NIGHTWATCH Seeker NS22 (XHP50.2/SST40 and SST20): discount code posted in op (XHP70.2 now available too)

Just ordered 1 XHP50.2 5000k, 1 SST40 and 2 21700 tubes.

Seeker NS22 3000k, 95cri ———————————————————————- Nitecore EA41 cool white

Received SST40 and XHP50.2 and 2 21700 tubes. Fast shipping, 8 days! Very nice lights. Just slightly smaller than a C8. Head OD is 3mm smaller. SST40 tint is nice, looks more white than blue to my eyes. Thanks for a great deal.

Dang, that was fast ! Still waitin on mine .

Can someone post a pic of the light with the 21700 tube on? Would it take the protected Rofis 21700 that is almost 75 milimeters?

No, the Rofis is too long. At 40T at 70mm fits

My one appears to only have three levels. Is there a special method of getting low?

Driver is 22mm. Retaining ring has right hand threads. Great lights!

Ordered mine on 1/3 —still not shipped—wondering how long it takes to get them out

sent you a pm

Mine has 4 modes. Double tap for turbo.

I received mine with the SST-20W 95CRI 3000k. The host is beautiful. Love the functional cooling fins and color. The beam is very tight and measures 638 lumens at 1 sec. The only negative is that it doesn’t tail stand. I wonder why they didn’t raise the ears a tint bit to allow tail standing.

You know you have too many lights when you don’t realize you already bought this last year:

With that said, they are slightly different tail switch/driver/UI/anodizing but they do lego.

A couple observations:

  • My light didn’t turn on at all when I first got it. I did some troubleshooting and found out the tail switch was not making contact somewhere. I took it apart, put it back together and tightened the retaining ring a bit more. Started working. I know this was the problem because the light worked when I used a wire to bridge battery negative and the tube.
  • Anodizing/machining is acceptable considering the cost but it’s nothing more than OK.
  • I could be wrong on this but UI seems to be as follows (SST-20 3000K): low/mid/high, double click turbo (5.1x amps measured at tail), triple click strobe
  • The SST-20 3000K seems to change tint noticeably when in turbo which seems consistent with maukka’s test of the 4000K , seeing it in person was a bit surprising

Pretty sure you never made it to turbo. Double click and re-test.

Scratch that, I know how particular you are about CCT and DUV so I KNOW you never made it since you didn’t mention the shift :slight_smile:

Ofcourse I know double click for turbo. I was expecting lumens to be higher too and I tested it with serveral different 21700 VTC6A, 40T, and 30T and got the same measurement. If you don’t have the Maukka calibrated lights, I suggest you get a set because you will be surprised how much lower real ANSI lumens are. I had to scrap the hundreds of previous measurements I made prior to my current TA tube calibrated with Maukka lights.

I know about the DUV shift a long time ago. I have over half a dozen lights running the SST-20W 95CRI 3000k from Kaidomain. DUV drops significantly with higher output. This is actually pretty typical for all emitters. I see the same with 219B, 219C, LH351D, Oson Square, Cree emitters, etc. That’s why for me I rather get the rosiest bin possible in multi emitter lights because I usually use my lights at lower outputs for efficiency and at low output, even 219B 9080 or 5A/5D tinted lights are at or just below the BBL for perfect neutral tint.

Hey, fair enough. I didn’t even measure I just guessed it would be closer to how the 4000K measures but I guess you really do lose that much going to a 3K bin.

That’s because the 3000k tint bins are only available in J3 flux bin, and cheaper bins are available in J2 flux bin. They probably picked the J2 here.

The 4000k tint bins are available in J5 flux in contrast.

Got mine with 3000K SST-20, and get a bit over 600 lumen on “turbo”. It was an impulse buy and although the build quality and led choice is very nice, I’m not really sure if it adds a lot to what I already have (but then, what other flashlight does do that?).

At least the SST-20 is doing its thing, produces a very attractive beam and at low mode in the hotspot I measure 97.8 CRI, R9=88, 2960K and duv –0.0008. At higher modes the CRI is slightly lower but with rosier tint.

I’m still trying to figure what the merit is of extreme CRI in a throwy flashlight

Can you put in the effort to swap in a white flat and see what needs to be done to focus it? Save me some time :smiley:

Also, is the driver side end of your battery tube anodized? That seems strange to me. I almost want to sand it down and let it contact directly with retaining ring. :question: