NIGHTWATCH Seeker NS22 (XHP50.2/SST40 and SST20): discount code posted in op (XHP70.2 now available too)

Should be fun. In a Lucky Sun D80 that has the same reflector diameter I got 140kcd with the White Flat, I reckon that this reflector is slightly better, but I have no idea if the current will be correct.

No promises about when though…

The threads on the driver side are bare in my copy, both with the 18650 and 21700 tube.

My threads are bare too. I’m talking about the flat end.

I see, yes they are ano’ed. I expect it not to matter though, enough contact between the threads.

The CCT doesn’t make a difference in output. It’s the flux bin that matters. Warmer CCT are usually limited to lower flux bins. I measured many NW versions of the same flashlight brighter than CW version. For example I measured output of several E07 and to my surprise the NW one measured brighter than CW.

So it’s all about the flux bin.

I understand, but after looking at the datasheet the flux bins are very linear with the tint. The highest flux bin 3000K is not even as bright as the lowest bin 4000K. I realize this doesn’t apply to all LEDs.

Just for the record, I have one of these just in with SST-20 emitter. It is EXTREMELY WELL BUILT, overbuilt really and is a quite nice small thrower.

There seems to be Two threads on this light.

I am also getting[Thursday supposedly]the SST-20 3000K. His website states that the light is 1250 lumens on MAX[TURBO]

1. Are you saying that you got 600 lumens on TURBO w/ the same light I am getting?!

I hope not, I would be extremely disappointed and even more so because I just bought a 50-E and have no other 21700 lights to use.

If it is LED lumens, 1250 LED lumens is a LOT more than 600 OTF.

Maybe I am missing something,something is not right.

@wolfdog, the 1250 lumens measure is based on the 5000k/6500k version.

The high CRI 4000k/3000k version will get lower lumen numbers.

1,250 is only going to be achievable with the low CRI 5000K or 6500K. The 3000K is going to max out at 800 “LED Lumens” and even less since this light isn’t driving it at the absolute max.

I think the hype train made a stop at your house and your ticket was punched.

Thanks,well NEALE needs to make that clear on his website. I was not familiar w/ that led. This is what he lists! He needs to break it down by color temp. or say this is for 5000K 6000K ect.


Beam Intensity:90,000CD
Modes:L (0.1A)-M (1.5A)-H (3A)-T (5A)

Yes, my Nightwatch Seeker runs at 5.13 A at turbo, in my test of the 3000K SST-20 that is nicely close to max btw, and I measured 830 djozz-lumen, that should be 770 real lumen when compensated to maukka’s calibration. For a reflector light I usually take 82% off that for OTF estimation, which is 633 lumen. I just remeasured at 30 seconds: 643 (real) lumen, pretty close to expectation.

A low CRI cool SST-20 should be almost double that.

Very nice Djozz. You finally got a Maukka calibration light! :beer:

Our measurements are (edit: “now”) comparable. I measured 638 lumens.

ok,thanks,by the way NEALE advertized it I would have no way of knowing that. He did not specify what color temp. that was and I really knew nothing about this LED!!!

I never thought about how in other LED’S CW is usually more lumens than NW,But not always. One example is my TN42vn90 with the CFT-90, My 5500K is the same output as the 6500K which is:

Lumen: 5500
Intensity: 1.2Mcd
Throw: 2190

Off to work.

Which battery did you use for the test? A high drain 18650[VTC5A/30Q/VTC5D ECT] OR a 21700? I bought a Samsung 50E and have several VTC5A/D to use.


I think of things in piece meal!

So if mine is ~ 650 lumens[not 1250] than it will probably about 50Kcd instead of 90Kcd! :person_facepalming:

I hope I am wrong.

Although that is not always the case,Oslon LED’S[~700L] and my OSTS TN31mb is ~750L/477Kcd w/ xpg2,albeit a much bigger reflector, same LED in my TX25C2vn DD/Single mode is 850 Lumens/75Kcd

It was a 40T, and it did not matter much if it was completely full or partly drained, the driver must regulate something, maybe.

I tried both I think. It’s constant current driver so I dont think your battery choice will make much difference in this one.

Any Idea on the Kcd’s?

I can get a decent idea when I compare to my TX25C2vn

The more I think about this the more frustrated I get. A bit frustrated w/ myself for not asking more questions, and frustrated w/ the seller who did NOT specify color relation to reduction in output.ONLY used the high numbers.

I love 5000K ,only reason I tried 3000K is for something different, which I did not expect to include the numbers!

This is a PRIME example of when you buy something from China, it is not as easy to return[If at all] as it is in USA. I could have simply sent this light back to lets say, Illumns for the 5000K version with no issue or problems,…….probably cost $50 to send back to China when the light is worth $22!