NIGHTWATCH Seeker NS22 (XHP50.2/SST40 and SST20): discount code posted in op (XHP70.2 now available too)

Talk to your buddy who did those nice looking button tops and either get a higher CCT SST-20 or a white flat on a star. He should be able to do this job in no time. You haven’t even got the light yet and you have already assumed the worst.

edit: I bet you could sell it for the price you paid assuming you are willing to eat the shipping cost to someone here in the states that wants one in days rather than a month. Plus, you will have tested it first!

I was just gonna suggest that. I’ve been on the fense on this one (yes the warm white 95CRI variety) but have several lights inbound from China as we speak and I don’t like to have too many China orders in route at one time or I get confused and forget about things and don’t want China getting one over on me if a package is lost and I forget so I’ve held off… Once it gets here I’ll give you your money back for it if you’d rather reorder a 5000K one than try to have this one modded.

Yes,I will consider that,You are only one State over.I was born in Cleveland!

You never know, I may accept the weaker output, but I doubt it.

Then I could order the 5000K

It will arrive Saturday[supposedly]…first estimate was today. It is in Maryland now so Saturday seems right

Slow down on that Cereal,or you may have to get a root canal like me @ 4pm!! lol!

You should really try it first before thinking the negative. I originally bought this light with the intent to just try the 3000k and later swap it with a White Flat. However, I really like the WW 95CRI thrower and probably won’t swap it. I have a number of NW and CW throwers so this is something for a change. Also I never trusted the output numbers since there’s no way a 3000k 95CRI can output the same as a 5000k 70CRI emitter. Small manufacturers in China like Sofirn, Fireflies, Hakelite etc., have to send their lights out for third party testing as surprisingly they don’t even have a lumen sphere so they either send out the top model for testing or they spec the output based or calculations. Many of these lights don’t even reach 100 sold. Even the Jaxman X6 Hunter, which I think is the best design for this form factor, only sold 2 pieces so far in the last few months since its release. So there’s really not much money to be made in this business and we have to keep our expectations down.

You may be right. I am sure I will like the tint,However, as you probably know I have many modded throwers and the odds of me liking a light that is ~ 600L/50Kcd[??] compared to 1250L/90Kcd would be slim,we will see. If I like it , I will admit to my premature Judgment!

I know one thing I do not like, but I am getting [@ 4 pm],is a root canal!! :person_facepalming: This will be my 4th!! EARLY dinner!

Ouch man. I had been really worried about my teeth recently, you see I hadn’t been to a dentist in 13 years and that was to get my wisdom teeth out at 19, I hadn’t had a teeth cleaning in probably closer 15 years so I was super worried and nervous. Turns out I didn’t have a single issue other than really bad calcium build up. Cleaned it all off and they were just as shocked as I was!

Hope it’s going well for you sir.


Your a young pup at 32! :laughing: It went well,no pain at all. Last one I had was in 1991. Two at once! My jaw muscles were sore for Two days!

This endodontist and his Two partners[he owns the practice] have done more than 50K root canals!

He is 57 and has climbed 6 out of the 7 highest Mts. in the world,Mt. Everest is the last one left which he is doing this year.

These guys have these cool head lamps,not there exact name,I told him I can get it modified, change up the tint and add some throw so he can blind his patients!! lol!

So, basically put in the SST-20 3000k in your NS22 to the headlamp…

That would actually be very nice. Color rendering would massively improved, along with throw. Would really help.

Sound good,except I would not be the one doing it because I do not know how!! Can not be that hard,i just do not have any experience. Maybe when I retire in 5 years I can learn!

I swapped the switches in my Nightwatch NS02 with the NS22 and I think I like it better. Forward switch is now in the light with a cigar grip and the reverse in the other.

just got mine. Testing run time w/ my 50E.

3000K does NOT say to double cl. for Turbo. Double cl. for strobe?

Mine only seems to have 3 modes!

Beam Intensity:90,000CD
Modes:L (0.1A)-M (1.5A)-H (3A)-T (5A) double clickes strobe

I think i was wrong about the dbl click.

I am not Totally sure that you are wrong!

Neales directions states “Double click” for strobe for my SST-20 3000K version. First the terminology is incorrect,it is DOUBLE HALF-PRESS.

That is not right,Mine Triple Half presses for strobe.

I put my sunglasses on and went into a dark closet! No,comments!..….I Double half pressed as soon as light went on or in any mode. I tried to determine if it got brighter. It seems like it did but I am not positive. I have no equipment to verify.

Maybe tonight on the trail I will be able to tell.

So,I either got 50 minutes of high w/ ending voltage of 3.66V W/ MY 50E………OR maybe that is turbo and my light is 3 modes[not including strobe]! I do not know!

oh,yeah,This is a FIRST in regards to the UI,A Reverse clicky

The LED changing tints so much fools you. Also, on mine, there seems to be a small surge in current when you change modes. It takes a second or two and settles a full 100lm less. Not sure why that is.

I never had this UI and then to add to the confusion he lists: 4 modes and strobe which on mine is a triple half press NOT double. I seem to have 3 modes[minus strobe] and when I double half press I am NOT sure if it gets brighter! :person_facepalming:

Modes:L (0.1A)-M (1.5A)-H (3A)-T (5A)
double clickes strobe

Maybe I do NOT have L[0.1A]…it seems to me, regardless of tint shift that I would notice 3A[H] Changing to 5A-TURBO.



U21vn XPL PDT———NS22 W/21700 Tube——-TX25C2vn DD/Single mode XPG2

Can’t wait to get mine SST20 4k and XHP 50.2 5k —- 3 weeks and still in China I think

The Two corners are burnt,no way that is normal.

It’s normal for this emitter

No bond wires or are they hidden by the burnt look?!

What emitter is in POST #1 Photo of this thread?

Isn’t that a SST20? Or is it SST40 POSSIBLY?