Nitecore Batteries

Folks, we started considering carrying JetBeam/Nitecore products and one of them is their 16340 and 14500 battery.

An as aside, this is our preferred battery list based on bang for buck, and by bang, I don’t mean explosive xxxxxFire

18650 – 3100mAh Dark Matter (more on that another day)

18650 – 3100mAh XTAR (phasing out)

14500 – 750mAh AW

16340 – 650mAh AW

AA, AAA, C, D – Imedion

LiFePO4 16340 – 750mAh Tenergy (capacity no longer marked on cell)

Having said that, we are always looking for the best value batteries in terms of quality, capacity, size (!) when coming up with that list.

Why this post? So again, we purchased a bunch of items which also included Nitecore 16340 (650mAh) and 14500 (750mAh) battery. As usual, they are run through an XTAR WP2-II and tested on the venerable CBA III Pro. On the first runs, the batteries exceeded their rated capacity and actually took the crown. Having rerun the test on each battery 3 times and averaged, this is the result:

Nitecore 16340 650mAh = 668mAh

Nitecore 14500 750mAh = 782mAh

This is the first time I’ve actually seen batteries EXCEED their rated marking. Sure, you’re supposed to test batteries at 0.1C and so forth but our testing is less than optimal:

Charged fully and left to “trickle” (ok, so it doesn’t really trickle but left on the charger for 2-3 hours after green)

Rest for 1 hour and tests to 4.16v

Tested on CBA using 0.5A down to 2.75v

The discharge curve matched their AW counterparts and exceeded in capacity. The Nitecore also beat the AW in terms of sheer dollars.

There are only two things holding this back though. The batteries say “for high drain” so I’ll be testing them at 1A discharge as well — making it technically just under 2C test. The next thing is they are longer than AW by 1-2mm. In contrast, the XTAR 16340 are about 3mm longer, posing an issue AND average only about 460mAh with the same tests (bad, bad!).

So, has anyone else had these Nitecore for a while and can attest to the longevity of these cells? That’s the only other factor we don’t have to make a solid recommendation.


The Nitecore 14500 batteries, are really AW?

They are Li-ion or Li-Mn (lithium manganese)?


I just bought one of those 14500 Nitecores from fasttech the other day. Good thing I bought them! They were a good price and have protection on them already.

thanks. But, they are Li-ion or Li-Mn?

Links to the ones at Fasttech:

They appear to be Li-ion.

I’ve got Nitecore NL147 and NL186. Both perform very well, I charged the 14500 only once since purchase several months ago. NL147 is definitely better than TrustFire Flames, and I got 2 pair of these.
NL186 was kept in room temperature for several months and just used recently, have been never charged by me and works fine with U2 led for now.
Also I like the design a lot, especially the NL147 is better than anything else on the market.
Looking forward to Nitecore selling higher capacity 18650.

P.S. I got mine from LightMalls, didn’t know about FastTech back then.

Can someone post size (dia and length) with caliper of both, please?

I don’t have the proper tools to measure, but I can tell you what flashlights they fit.
14500: Xtar WK26, Balder SE-1 (old and new), UltraFire K10, UniqueFire S10
18650: SolarForce L2N & L2T, N-Light ST50 (terrible light, don’t buy it), various cheap 18650 lights

From there website, NiteCore DIA = 16.6mm, Length = 34.8mm. I have not measured myself

Reference Link: