Nitecore D10 battery keeps dieng

I have started noticing that every time I pick up D10, the battery in it is dead. I have zillion other lights, so I only check D10 once a month or even less often. I have 14450 in it and I keep it low mode. Is D10 electronic switch known to have huge off current? I bought it when it first came out and it was extremely popular light.

Anybody else noticed this with your D10? Does Nitecore offer lifetime warranty or is it limited? I should be able to find the paperwork.

- Vikas

Yes, mine does it too. I store it without battery when I'm not using it. The current is supposed to be only several micro-Ampere, but I have read about a number of cases where it is in the range of 0.1 mA. So, yes, it isn't perfect, but which flashlight is? And considering that you can't buy a new one I keep mine. (I don't fancy the looks of the D11.2, so that doesn't count, but at least they brought back the UI).

Well, if you don't want it anymore maybe I could take it of your hands...

The D11.2 still isn't quite right UI wise. It doesn't have the responsiveness and feel of the good old D10. I have 6 D10s, and they all so have a small parasitic current, probably enough to drain them within months. At least its not like the D11 (version 1) where the parasitic drain is measured in the order of around several milliamps, draining batteries within 1-2 weeks. Apparently my D11.2 isn't that great for parasitic drain too, with a measurably high drain too. (contrary to what they claimed)

Overall IMO, the D1 is one of the best UIs ever for a EDC torch, although the parasitic drain of the D10 is not great compared to a real hardware switch, its a worthy price to pay for the awesome UI.

Im willing to relieve you of your difficulties with the D10...

Got to charge the battery every 2nd week or so ...

Or pull the battery out , or unscrew the body so there is no contact ..

Parasitic drain is a pain .

If measuring the parasitic drain of the D11.2 be sure to measure for 30+ seconds. It holds a relatively high current of about 50ma on Ni-mh even after turning off for up to 30 seconds, only after that time does it switch into the '3 year' inactivity power saving mode.

I must measure for at least 30 seconds then!, I was probably measuring for about 15 seconds, because the D10 would draw some current for another 5 seconds for the shutdown procedure.

Parasitic drain that discharges within 2 weeks is annoying... But to put it into perspective, this is the same as the self discharge of the high capacity/current NiMH. The energiser 2500mA are one such example where leaving them alone for 2 weeks would result in a flat battery.

If it's like the Zebralights (I don't think they have bad parasitic drain but they don have electronic switches so there is some) just untwist the tail cap by a few mm. If you want to test it after doing that just try the switch. If it doesn't work you twisted it enough.

I do it now with my Zebralights without even thinking about it.

That doesn't work for piston drive lights, unfortunately. There is no tailcap, it unscrews at the head. Even unscrewed you can still turn it on, it then is in momentary mode. Good feature actually, but to kill the drain you have to take out the battery I think.

LSD batts FTW :bigsmile:

Actually, parasitic drain is the only drawback that pushing me away from Nitecore (and I really like Nitecore lights :love: )

I've personally not had Any issues with parasitic drain with my nitecores, and I have 8 PD nitecores. (then again, the batteries on mine get used up within a month anyway.)

And its possible to untwist the head and have it disconnected. about half a turn actually physically disconnects the battery. The moment it goes into "momentary" mode, its physically disconnected. But thats only really important if you have the D11 version one, everything else is ok.

Ah, ok, didn't know that. I thought it still made full contact since the piston is metal too and makes contact with the hull.

Thanks for clearing this up

Unfortunately that trick does not work with my blue protected Trustfire 14450. I had to put an extra washer for it work. There are no more threads to keep it fully off.

Still the best light ever made ... maybe that's why i like the b2s n-light's a stainless steel version of the d-10.

I've been looking at the two lights wondering if I was creative enough to make a


I just received my D11.2 yesterday and am in absolute love with it. Obviously I cant comment on parasitic drain but in the manual it does mention the 30 second delay until it goes into inactivity mode.

The beam on this thing is BEAUTIFUL. Great flood, exactly what I want in an EDC.

the parasitic drain on the new D11.2 is totally fixed. assuming the driver is the same in the EX11.2, the parasitic drain is 6.7uA, or equivalent to a couple years worth of runtime on RCR, 10 + years on NiMH.

As has been highlighted, its a 30 second idle time of 1mA, before it goes into true sleep. Once in true sleep, activation of the momentary mode is not guaranteed, thats why the 30 second period exists. I think 30 seconds is a reasonably large window and therefore I will agree with the way the software is written.

I just bought 6 D11.2s yesterday, but their not all for me hehehe...

One for me perhaps?

I like the body of the D-10 ....100 times better than the D-11 Ex-11 since this is a D-10 thread i don't feel bad saying ..the D-11 isn't half as nice as the D-10.Way too many sharp edges and flat spots .. to slick and a wobbly mess of a design . d-10 and ex -10 tailstand like a stone ..the d-11 is just asking to take out your whole shelf of shelf queens .If they aren't nicked or chipped yet they will be if you put a d-11 on the shelf with them ..I bought a used one to just try it and see if i liked it ..Arugh .. god awful light wonder nitecore has lost it's appeal .I hate to say it's trash but I think it's 15 steps backwards and it took nitecore years to address and fix this stupid parasitic drain issue . the body ,design ,knurling on the D-10 is as good as I've ever seen on any light.Dsoto87 let me be positive for you since you're enjoying your nice new light ...It only gets better from here .. just go back in time ...Is there a place for a clip on the D-11? am I missing something ?? It does have a nice low low i'll give it that.. Mine has considerably less threads than the d-10 a few twists and it seems to pop open much quicker than I expect it to ..sashiX buy an ex-10 .. they are the exact same light 1/2 inch shorter and much easier to find than the d-10 ...Sorry owkchin.. I didn't want to trash your nice looking ex.11version2 review by talking about how much I dislike the newer body style .(if you own a ultrafire 2100 or a yezel know what the d-11 feels like)

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the clip on the d11 will be as good, and I’ve ordererd 4 for myself, given how well it works on the ex11 . . . . . New line . . . . . .
tailstanding on the d11 shell is pretty averge now, but the ui on the d11.2 is good. Just remember that boaz, you have the 11 version one, whic I agree is rubbish

i imagine they got the U.I. right finally only took losing every customer they ever had to get it done ..or maybe it took selling the company to jetbeam before someone who wasn't fully retarded to make a decision .i'm sure i have no idea what they were thinking .. Both you and i have had this discussion before ..Both of us shaking our heads so much we look like bobble heads ..

i'm excited about their new lights ..!!