Nitecore E4K (A BIG Mistake)

Not sure what Nitecore what thinking when they designed this light. The interface is not only the worst I have see but it close to impossible to manage. Its unlike ANY other light I have seen.

If that’s not enough, the light gets ridiculously hot within seconds on turbo. Then they put the control button over the hottest part of the light. So you have to long press the button to control the light output while burning your hand.

Thumbs down Nitecore.

The U.I. was something that really annoyed me as well. I was doing some testing last weekend with about 20 lights and the E4k was in the lineup, it all came flooding back to me how bad the U.I. was when I picked it up and tried to get to turbo from memory.

Agreed, barely usable in turbo, way too hot.

Love your you tube channel.

Its like a d4v2, just worse.

Come again? The d4v2 was voted the highest last year on BLF.

The difference between Emisar and Nitecore is that Emisar knows what they are doing whereas Nitecore thinks they know what they are doing. Current Nitecore designs are not what they used to be. They used to have a purpose.

I meant to say that it is like a d4v2 (which I have and love, and is well liked), but worse. I didn’t mean to imply that the d4v2 was bad

Let’s be honest the race for more and more lumens on a turbo that lasts 30 seconds appears to be a thing that just endures. I can see why they do it for advertising but like you i also think to myself , a cooked hand isn’t something I want!
Nitecore make some great lights, I have their tiki on my keychain right now but they do seem to release some misses.
Thanks for the very kind compliment.