Nitecore EA4 VS Fandyfire Rook

So it turns out that my FandyFire Rook when running on 14500’s is brighter than my Nitecore EA4 running on AA’s.

Any idea what sort of tailcap measurements I should be getting on either of these?

I have read that they are fairly well matched but i’ve either got a very bright Rook or a rather poor EA4.

I’ve compared both to a few other lights and they are both brighter than the Sunwayman V11R - 500~550lumens

I’m not disappointed in the EA4 at all. Its an excellent light but I was shocked to see when I put both on the wall the rook wiped the floor with the EA4.

I might get a few comparisson shots tonight to see if what I’m seeing is normal.

The TK75 only has a 400 lumens mode to compare it to and the TN31 is just a silly bright spot regardless. I suppose I have a 600lumen maglite to test it against.

So, tailcap measurements?

anyone able to offer any advice?

Well, my EA4 NW and Rook CW are rather evenly matched. If anything the EA4 wins out very slightly. I'm using keeppower 14500, and cheap rechrgeables in the ea4.

Too bad the Rook looks like a Q5 led when running it off 3 AA’s. I was surprised how dim the rook is when running off traditional AA’s.

Looks like this might have been a waste of time. It appears colour was the main problem. Got them outside and the took is beaten by the ea4. They both beat the tk75 at 400lumens but they don’t beat it on throw.

Sorry for wasting your time