NiteCore EA41 bicycle mount?

Hi all,

I’m trying to find a way to adapt my NiteCore EA41 to my bike. It’s the brightest torch I have by far, much brighter than my existing bike light.

I have the Two Fish Lockblocks Flashlight Holder, but it’s much to small to accommodate the EA41. I need something that can adapt to something with diameter ~41mm. All the ones on Amazon top out at about 34mm.

Any ideas? I’m open to DIY solutions as well.

I’m using this for my K40M. If it fits that huge ass light it should fit the EA11. It fits my SR51 too so it shouldn’t be a problem for you :slight_smile:

Crap I just realized I posted this in the wrong forum (needs to go to AA forum, not AAA, ugh)… if there’s a mod here, can this be moved?

Wrathbringer27: That clamp looks like the same kinda ones I saw from Amazon. It says in specs “Suitable for the diameter of flashlight 1.6-3.6cm”. My EA41 has a diameter of 4.1cm, d’oh!

On the other hand, if you say your K40M and SR51 fits, then it should fit my EA41. Any chance you can do a quick measurement of the body diameter of your lights?

body diameter of k40m is 4.9cm/49mm

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