Nitecore EA81 won't go into Turbo Mode anymore

Have my Nitecore EA81 for one week now. Great flashlight, but as of today, when I click on Turbo Mode, it stays the same brightness as High Mode. Tested all batteries and put fresh ones in as well, but still the same. Any suggestions?

What batteries, specifically, are you running?

NiMH, or alkaleaks?

They’re using NiMH when they do their output tests.

I don’t know how it’s configured, but 4S2P seems about right and alkaleaks don’t do high current loads all that well, but I’m just a hack.


I’m also fairly sure this is all correct. With alkaline you’re most likely not going to get turbo output; instead you will get high output when trying to run turbo. You really need good quality NiMH like Eneloop.

Hey, thanks guys. Yeah, running the alkaleaks but in the beginning they put out a great turbo light. Switched to fully charged new alkas and still no turbo. Might try the Eneeloops but I am always a little paranoid about exploding batteries, that is why I liked the alkaline ones.

It’s always good to be cautious, but you really don’t need to be with NiMH (Eneloop) batteries. Lithium ion requires attention and care, but not so with NiMH. Of course, don’t put them in fire, but even then I don’t think they will explode.
Alkaline does not like high power (= high current). Only a very brief moment can alkalines produce a decent amount of power, but then it degrades rapidly.
NiMH are substantially more powerful than alkaline and is also able to maintain high performance with depleting cell. NiMH cells are also very affordable, so I would invest in a set of 8 Eneloops if I were you. Of course you have to invest in a charger as well. But if you’re going to use the light on a regular basis, then it will pay back eventually.

Thanks for the info! I have a Xtar VC4, that should charge the Eneloops shouldn't it? Was also wondering if there is any real world difference between the normal eneloops and the pro?

The VC4 does charge NiMH as well! The biggest difference between the normal white Eneloop and the black pro version is capacity. Something like 1950 mAh for the regular and something like 2500 mAh for the pro. The black pro version is quite a bit more expensive, so personally I don’t need it.
If you’re going to get Eneloops, please also search BLF for good deals so you have a decent idea how much you should spend on them.

Cheers man. :partying_face:

Will do thanks man.

I own two 8xAA lights (Fenix TK41 and the EA8) and some 4xAA as well, and as the others had suggested, help save the environment by not using the alkaleaks and go for the regular Eneloops…Turbo time anytime and a cleaner earth!

Just ordered some regular Eneloops so I'm in

Oh that’s great man, that was fast! :+1: :sunglasses:

I don’t know if klrman saw this or if the price good enough for him: 8 X Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable AA Battery 2000mah for sale online | eBay

Thanks, I did see those but they won't ship to Canada unfortunately. I got a pack of eight from fleabay for $24.97 which is not the best deal but they ship to canada for free.

I have 4 multi AA lights and buy my AAs from Amazon.

There are 4 generations of Eneloops.
2 types. Pros have more capacity but higher self discharge.
The lower capacity are Low Self Discharge.
~75% left at 3 years of no use.

I’ve been using the Tenergy and Amazon brand Ni-Mh for 4+ years and find performance equal to the 3rd generation Eneloops. The 4th gen is slightly better.
l use Opus analyzing chargers (C2000 Ni-Mh & C3100 Li-ion) to check capacity and refresh all my batteries.

I’m looking for a Nitecore EA81 if anyone has one they want to get rid of.
Just got one from Aliexpress for $79 s I’m set.
Bought a JKK36 XHP70.2 as well and with Jensen567’s driver mods it should be a great light.

Yeah, I have been getting away from Alkaleaks in favor of rechargeable AA and AAA batteries.

BTW, I still grab free Harbor Freight batteries when I buy something with coupons. Those batteries are strictly used for ” cheapo ” flashlights AKA Dollar Tree, 99 cent store stuff.