NiteCore EZ AA

Hi guys,

I don't own an EDC-class light. I've been focusing on 1x18650 and 1x26650 lights.

However, I would like to own one really nice EDC light, but I'd like to spend under $20.

On the other hand... I noticed this:

I'm thinking $29 is a good/great deal. What do you think of the price on this?

I'd like it better if it had a pocket clip, but I'm sure I could fashion something...

I'm thinking I should jump on it, but I wanted to check in with you all first, especially since I'd like to only purchase one of these types of lights...

Could this be the biggest bang for the buck I can get in this category?

Thank you,


I don't think you can go wrong for that price. The reviews on that light are very good (I have one in the mail!!)

Even if you don't like it you could easily sell it on and even make a few bucks...

This is a very good deal if it includes shipping.

The only problems with this light is that it does not take14500 batteries.

One of my favorite AA-only lights. That's less than I paid for a lightly used one.

I just became the proud owner of this light today.

I actually had ordered a EX-11.2 from DD and they screwed up and shipped me this. It was the same price they sold the EX-11 for so no big deal.

It is a nice solid light with very good knurling. The UI is very intuitive... just turn it on, or if you want to program it to a specific brightness after it's on, a quick off and on makes it ramp. Once it gets to the preferred brightness, you just turn it off. Next time it will be set to that mode.

It's not the EX-11 I wanted, but it is definitely the nicest single-aa light I have (I have or have owned Xeno Eo3, Balder SE-1, ITP a2, Olight I2, etc).

The price at BattJunc is now 49.. !

Unmarked Nitecore EZ AA? Did you all see this?

$23 is better than $49

BTW, my Nitecore EZ AA takes 14500 cells just fine, as cited by me in the Nitecore Owners Manual

Two different lights

older ezAA's don't ramp they are 2 mode 11 Lumens and 150 they are xpe r2 or xre emitters and have a different beam and obviously more throw

the new ezAA is ramping and a xpg

the tail is threaded so making a clip would be prettyEZ.... easy to attach

that's a pretty bad mix up to send you a wrong light .....I like the ex-11 better than the EZ..I'd have them fix that mistake ....Still like the older nitecores much better .

I too bought this @ batteryjunction $29 sale (~31 shipped). Thought this could take 14500. Quick search before buying gave me the info on earlier version of this light, which I confused with this latest version. Hope I'm not disappointed as that one from intl-outdoor seems to have all the good reviews. jondotcom's comments above are encouraging.

You won't be disappointed with any nitecore products

Received the nitecore ramping version today from batteryjunction. Impressive amount of light for the size, as others have noted. Subjective impression is that it may be close to the 160 lumens advertised (relative to my nitecore extreme rated at 220). Clean white tint, good definition outdoors.

It does not allow more than 1 preset at a time but resetting is a snap. No mention of 14500 in instruction sheet so that is a negative. Another negative unmentioned elsewhere is the cap has no accessible threads for the tripod mount, seems to be permanently covered. The on/off is within a fraction of a rotation so none of the lose head complaint in the off position of earlier version. Threads lubed making one hand operation easy. 1 xtra o-ring.

Not disappointed. Makes my jet-1 IBS pro look big/dim.

The older OEM version mentioned above for $24 is, IMO, the better EDC as it can use 14500.

Just noticed this light can turn on if it gets jammed into a tight spot, compressing it end to end. Makes for a momentary on switch in the hand but be careful shoving it into that little sleeve on a leathermen belt sheath.

No mention of 14500 but it could work actually. Wish DD offered it for that price :p (+ coupon + DD points... a light for 25 bucks :bigsmile: )

concerned that the 14500 battery could damage the flashlight. Anyone have experience with this?

BTW, the Jet-1-pro is brighter than the nitecore EZ AA, I had inadvertently left full brightness off the jetbeam presets. Was comparing with a medium setting. I was too busy being impressed with the nitecore to notice.

Hey, just wanted to say "thanks" for posting this thread. I ordered an EX11v2 from them that was also on sale and it arrived today... it's awesome! I wouldn't have know they were having a good sale without your post.

Dino does offer it for 25$ about 25$ after discounts

Yup, have seen that offer many times, boaz :bigsmile: Still undecided which one to buy :~ (this LD15, JB BA10/Klarus P1A, Olight I2... Nitecore... :bigsmile: )

Olight I2/ITP A2 are nice but are probably best if you just like your light ultra-compact. I've tested a 14500 in both and they keep their great low/medium and go into turbo on high (wouldn't run them like that for more than a few secs).

The nitecore definitely has a nicer feel and more output, especially the ramping ez-aa. I also like the Klarus P1A and had one ordered, but it was taking the vendor forever to ship so I cancelled it. I like the forward clicky and body of that light.

Thanks for the reply, jon ;)

Thats why I'm still undecided :~ I've sold my ITP SA1 to my friend that urgently needed good AA light, so ... don't know what to do now because I need a small one also. So, it could be "normal" one, JB BA10/Klarus sized light (to replace my old SA1) + lets say, AAA light (Olight/ITP A3 or Lumintop Worm)... or just buy one, small AA light, i.e. Nitecore EZAA, Fenix LD15, Olight I2... Darn, wish I had more $$$ to buy all of them :cry: