NiteCore i4 Charger

I am thinking of getting the NiteCore i4 Charger but have read there’s a few fakes about are the genuine ones any good ? also here’s a sale on ebay of one i’m thinking of getting i thought i’d better check here to see if any of you think this sale is for a genuine one as the more i look into them the more i’m suspicious of chargers and battery’s lol I’ve already decided the battery’s i’m going to be buying are the Panasonic 3400mAh NCR18650B Unprotected ones after reading a bit about battery’s on here and getting some reply’s, They are been got for a Trustfire tr-3t6 anyway here’s the link cheers for any reply’s in advance :slight_smile:\_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

I have no experience with amazon uk, but here in the states if I were to get one to sit beside my i2, it would be from amazon.

That’s not even that good of a price unless you need a local seller. I got mine for $20 (12.45 gbp) from fasttech. I don’t have any experience with vendors in the UK, maybe someone else from your side of the pond can suggest someone.

You also want to make sure its a v2, a lot of people are still being sold the v1

Cheers mate even better price have you used these chargers before ? Just wanting some opinions on them before i buy :slight_smile:

Yer the Ebay one is a v2 am wanting to get one in the Uk (quicker delivery) I don’t mind paying that price if its up to the job as its a one off buy and it includes delivery within a couple of days

So far I absolutely love my i4 ( I got mine in late August). I can charge all my various lithium cells fairly rapidly and also do my nimh cells in the same charger. I love the large range of cells that it will fit and the ability to run on 100-240 volts ac or 12 volts dc from a battery or my truck. Its gotten tons of good reviews around here and seems to be quite popular. For only $20 you can’t do much better.

This charger has been discussed often and at some length. A quick search turned up the following. There’s lots more if you care to look. :slight_smile:

From HKJ: Review: SysMax/NiteCore Intellicharger i4 V2 Charger

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Sounds good to me i’ve already wasted some money on rubbish battery’s and chargers before i looked into it and found this forum, through most i should get my money back, I don’t know why i never looked into it before! i started buying through at the time i thought a battery is a battery lol normally i look into things before i buy the only thing that made me think is i don’t want to be wrecking torches as i will prob be spending some decent money on some in the future :slight_smile:

I just snagged one from this thread Nitecore IntelliCharger i4 $15.05 shipped w/Amazon Prime or $35+ purchase.
I had some more stuff I was ordering and thru it in for free shipping, $15.05 to the door.
The charger seems to have some great reviews and follows the proper li-ion CC/CV charging algorithm.

Will have a look still finding my way round here, i did notice one on the fake NiteCore Intellicharger i4 hence the questions

Yeah, I should have jumped all over that for $15.05… cheapest it has ever been on amazon (free 2 day for prime too). It’s up to $16.70 now, but still a decent price.

Looks like i’ll be going for it, through i’ll be getting one from the uk i don’t fancy waiting 2 to 3 weeks shipping i’ve ordered some torches from Hong Kong and Australia which seem to be a good bit cheaper on Ebay only thing is the long wait but i suppose when there up to 75% cheaper there worth the wait,

I’ve used one for about 9 months, bought it from Amazon Prime Digital , nothing to do with Amazon Prime, but fulfilled by Amazon, £17.49 inc. delivery.
The one I got has the 12v car charger lead with it as well. I’m nothing to do with Prime Digital but the service was good.
As for the Intellicharger, it has charged mostly 18650 Nitecore 3100mAh cells with 14500’s and NiMH AA cells effortlessly, it gets a bit warm with four 18650’s charging at the same time but nothing dramatic.
There are probably better chargers to be had but I’d buy another one of these anyday.

Edit…….Welcome Gecko66 :slight_smile:

Cheers mate, The main use for it for me is going to be 18650 battery’s through i dare say when i get some more torches there’s bound to be different sized battery’s Just got my first Trustfire this week the Tr-3t6 and have another 4 different ones on the way lol

I got mine from Illumination Supply’s Amazon store and love it, and it’s a great charger for how inexpensive it is. My only issue was that the product description said it came with a 12V cable and it didn’t. But it turns out I had one in a box from some other random device so no harm done. I highly recommend this charger—just realize it’s a budget charger and you’ll be fine.

Get it from a vendor with great support. I got mine from Illumination Supply, and I'm glad I did because mine had some serious problems. They demonstrated that their great service continues after the sale as well.

This is one reason why i’m getting it local any problems i can get it sorted quicker as its prob the most likely thing to go wrong through i’ll test it for a few weeks and prob get another as a spare if i’m happy with it :slight_smile: