Nitecore Intellicharge i2

First time I’ve seen this two cell charger for sale - $20.50 including shipping.

Knew it was coming out but can’t find a reference to it.

edit >> HKEquip also have it $19.99

Already have one. :D I really like it however it is bigger than I thought. It is about the size of 3 bays on the I4.

Lightmalls have it for $18.20

Recently I have purchased many items from them, so I trust them.

Nitecore i2

I see no reason for this to cost as much as i4 costs, make it around half the price and I will get it, otherwise why bother?

i hab de i4.

it is da better than de i2 because it haves 4 bays instead of mere 2.


I think I would still take the Xtar WP2 II or SP2 over it.

i got my wp2 II on ebay for 17 or 18 shipped from the USA, i got it in 3 days fast n free shipping

And your reasons are?

Hey scaru. In another thread you said the i2 terminates at 4.2v, which is good. Have you measured the charge current yet for Li-ions? When you use both channels, do they both give full current or does it split the current/charging time like in the i4 when all four channels are used? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for any info you can share. I just haven’t seen a review of the i2 yet.

I haven’t measured yet but once I get home I will.

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It’s only $15.95 at, and they’ve got a 10% off coupon going on right now. I just about tacked it on my Quark Turbo order to get free shipping, but decided on getting an E01 with it instead. BTW, it seems like right now they’re sending things via Priority Mail for their free shipping.

Thought I’d add this if someone is thinking of getting one.

That’s exactly the reason why I’m looking for more info on the i2 - filler for the free shipping with a quark. I just want to make sure it works okay and doesn’t have problems like the i4 v1 did. Thanks scaru for checking. Hopefully the current is decent for 26650’s too.

Ok, I measured a current of 550 mah when charging 1 cell or 500 mah when charging 2. The specs say .5 amps so it does exactly as they say. Be warned you will not be able to fit 2 26650 cells in at the same time. If you have any other questions just tell me.

Ok. Thanks for the info scaru. Though I don’t understand why two 26650’s won’t fit. It looks like they made it extra wide on purpose to accommodate them. Maybe I’ll just end up with two quarks.

SP2 Xtar - better charger IMHO

2x 26650 no problem

Up to 2A charging current with really cool charging current select button

HKJ review

I am reviving this topic just to share my experience with the Intellicharger i2. I ordered 2 x i2’s from lightmalls. Shipping was very fast nothing to complain. One of the chargers was ordered for me the other one for a friend.
So, when it arrived I started charging 2 x 18650 (LG S3 2200 mAh recovered from laptop battery) and everything went pretty smooth. The batteries were both charged at 4.18 V and I was saying to myself that i made a really good choice (i was in doubt in choosing the i2 vs. wp2 II which are at about the same price). Then I started charging another 2 x 18650. Left it for about 30 minutes when it started to smell really bad of burnt plastics and some smoke was coming out from the left side of the charger. Also the leds from the left bank did not work anymore. The curious thing is that when I inserted only one battery in the left bank only the leds from the right bank would be lit and the the bad smell and smoke appeared instantly.
Anyway, this is my first broken/not working products from China experience. I already spoke with the lightmalls service and will have it exchanged with a wp2 II charger. Not sure what happened but I was expecting better quality after reading that the bigger brother i4 is appreciated.

I know that is probably charger issue anyway.


Did you actually check your battery that was in left channel?

As you probably know laptop “pulls” are not recommended, but I think you know what you are doing.

I don’t think it was a battery issue as the same baterry was charger previuosly with a TR06 charger. It seams that some electronic part inside the charger was not of good quality and melted.