Nitecore IntelliCharger i4 $15.05 shipped w/Amazon Prime or $35+ purchase

Looking at chargers and found this:

Sold for 15.05 with 3rd party, 15.35 directly from Amazon. That’s about a 15% discount.

Good price, thanks for the post.

That’s a great offer, but they won’t ship to the UK :frowning:
Does anyone know a good deal that we could access over here ?

Thanks in advance, G

i got one of these this week - great charger for a travel charger as it does everything

it was $16.04 (tax included) shipped to my door in 40 hours with amazon prime :slight_smile:

got one as well, received it in less than 24 hrs. crazy huh :money_mouth_face:

It guess it depends on ur luck. I ordered the 3rd Gen from them a week ago and it’s not even close to reaching me…

Now $20.01 |(

When an item starts selling, the price goes up.

There’s a few to choose from on ebay , I paid ~ £16.50 for mine. :frowning:

Did you buy the amazon prime listing?

Ordered one on the 12th for $15.05 with some other stuff I needed, free shipping. Came today on the 16th.
Thanks for the heads up bentrinh. :wink: