Nitecore Intellicharger v4 input question

Hi I have lost the 120v input for the intellicharger.

But it has 12v input!

So i created (From old external hard drive power supply) a 12 volt, 750miliamp power supply.

is this enough?

12v * 750ma = 9 watts power supply output

4.2v * 750ma*2 = 6.3 watts charging power for 2 cells
4.2v * 375ma*4 = 6.3 watts charging power for 4 cells

this charger has a broken port, and only charges 3 cells max anyway.

seems sufficient?

By “lost the 120v input”, do you mean it no longer works, or you lost the cable?


straight from HKJ’s 2014 review. All four bays work on his, so YMMV.

got the same problem,must be the fuse has been fry.
still looking for spare but i can’t find it on my local store :frowning:

A 750mA 12V power supply may be a little bit too small for the charger. Try digging around for a 12V 12A wall wart, you must have some of those in your house.

Good Day ryansoh3,

I think You mean 12V 1.2A wall wart (& not 12V 12A)

Btw, Nitecore specs state Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 10W, DC 12V 10W

Which means that for DC 12V 10W, You need higher than 0.8 Amps (DC Watts=Amps x Voltage).

So a DC 12V 0.9A (or higher Amps) Power Supply will do.

Best Regards,


Thanks for the correction George, you are keen indeed. :smiley:

Yup, a 12V 1A or better power supply would do.

drat. thanks for the research guys; i bet i could have done the searching myself… :frowning:

anyway, i need 10 watts, and have 9… of course!

we’ll see… maybe a slow charge…