Nitecore LC10 - OK to use a permanent charger?

I read a few reviews on here regarding the Nitecore LC10. It seems like a pretty good charger from the reviews. I even saw people mention they pack it as their EDC.

Would you have any reservations if this was your only external charger for 18650, 21700, and 18350’s? Not just to use while you’re on vacation or whatever portable needs you might have, but as your home main charger?

I’ve got the Olight version, it get used once or twice a week for the last few years. A bit too slow for most at 750-1000mah per hour. Mine are used for that overnight charge ups on 26800’s. If your only charging 1-2 batteries occasionally then it’s probably perfect. Xtar ANT MC1 plus is also my frequently used single cell charger. Cheap, portable, proper 4.20V cut off and never failed so far.

I don’t mind slow charging, that’s kinda how I like it. But I’d worry if it isn’t stopping properly at 4.2V. I wish chargers would actually stop charging so fully. I couldn’t find a reasonably priced charger that lets you charge to say 4.0V instead of 4.2V.

The LC10 doesn’t actually stop charging, the current just drops way down. I use mine when needed but I wouldn’t recommend it for your only option.

Oh I didn’t know that. That’s a bummer, none of the reviews seem to mention that. Thanks.

This is the go to site for charger reviews: Review of Nitecore LC10

The amount of current it puts into a full cell is very small but it’s worth noting.

good link, I did not know the Nitecore would not charge Eneloop… that is a deal breaker for me

here is the Olight Universal Charger:

that I have been using for many years on my AAA and AA eneloop and 16340, 14500, and 18350 LiIon. It is the only charger I use.

fwiw, the Olight UC is sold out, but still available rebranded by as a 47s charger… same item, 3x higher price

Thanks. It looks like the Olight charges at 800mA to 400mA. I was looking at 18350 batteries and they seem to prefer lower charge current (like 200mA). Maybe your 18350’s are better quality than the cheap ones I was looking at.

I dont know where your info is coming from

here is a quick google response to, what is a safe charge rate for 18350:

“Recommended charge rate: 500mA”
that info is from this site: Pair of YDL 18350 1100mAh batteries in case - Creme de Vape

and here is the lytge review of the Olight UC

some exerpts from that link:
“The current is a bit high for small cells, but 14500 and 16340 will be acceptable because the current drops when voltage increase.”

re charging 18350:
“On paper the charger current is too high for these cells, but in practice it is not that bad. A new cell would be charged with too high current at the start of charge and this is the time where the battery can best tolerate it.”

here is the darksucks listing

maybe ask them your questions about 18350 charging… the owner is very knowledgeable