Nitecore Mh20 clone.
Its avaiable on Amazon for $30. I have Amazon review trader which will give me a chance to review it $15. What are your opinions on the chance of this light actually being decent?

now nice - soon fire :smiley:

Ordered one, I’ll post a quick review when I get it in a couple of days. I don’t have a tool to measure lumens.

I’d compare it to another light with known actual accurate lumen valuea.

Looks an awful lot like

Which is reviewed here

Was busy with exams so couldn’t post when I got the light. I do believe this is the same light as the Nitenumen as the back of the driver says Nitenumen on it. As to the actual light I feel it is fairly high quality(threads, machining etc…), particularly considering the price. The light came with a “2600” mah battery as well. The low is a bit high, definitely not the 1-2 lumens claimed, probably more like 20-30. The turbo mode seems to be very close to the claimed 1000 lumens. For the retail price, $30, I would likely spend $20 and get a real MH20, but at the review trader $15 price its a steal.

I hope that is not a prediction!

18650 is included so the name is appropriate

Got mine today and I absolutely love it!! The price is unbeatable! Unless you just have to have name brand I would definitely recommend buying this one. I don’t usually like the ” “Fire lights but this one seems to be well made. Time will tell.

How long does the battery last and how warm does it get ?

SoonFire is ironically correct :smiley:

I wouldn’t want to carry this name in my pocket

It takes it a couple of minutes before it starts to get warm. The battery last around 2 1/2 hours on turbo.

Cool. It has a step down on Turbo then. Andybibville did yours say Nitenumen too?

Mine is a soonfire but on the driver it says nitenumen

I ordered from Amazon and it came with a what looks like a fenix battery 2600mah. Only took two days to arrive.


I got one… with one day shipping. It’s a legitimate clone. I’m happy with it.