Nitecore MT2A question

I have the MT2A advertised at 345 lumens. I read somewhere that it can take 14500 cells. This seems wrong to me. Perhaps it was a misprint.

Can anyone verify?

Also, if I do try using 14500 cells, can someone more knowledgable than myself make an educated guess at how the flashlight will respond?


The flashlight driver will probably fry if you try it.

This. If you want more runtime, however, you can probably run a few eneloops in it. It may even give a wee bit more output, but doubtful. If they don’t list a 14500 as a possible power source, then I wouldn’t risk it.

Thanks for the answers.


Sorry for reviving this thread but how did your mt2a perform?

Still working until now?

It seems sturdy and can last a long time but its better to hear it from someone with actual experience on it.