NiteCore Multi-Task MT40 860 Lumens XM-L U2

I hope this is a good one. I miss my JetBeam BC40. So I added this to my collection. I gave $60 for it. It’s supposed to be a step up above the BC40. 33,000Kcd should be fairly bright with a said 363 meter beam distance.\_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

Available from fasttech!

$51.11 with BLF coupon! :slight_smile:

Yea but I’ll get this one by Jan 26, Sat.

I’ve had my eye on that one, I dig how it looks. The MT40 has a smooth reflector, so I’m guessing it should outthrow the BC40.

Just wondering, ILF, why do you miss the BC40 in particular?

I liked the feel of the BC40. And it was lightweight.

Nice light, congrats!!

I can’t say enough about the seller optics_outlet on ebay. I bought this NiteCore MT40 on Jan 22 mind you. Well I was shocked that it came in the mail today on Jan 24th. Talk about lightning travelling fast. LOL! Well this puppy is just an awesome little thing. I am impressed. I really like it. And it’s very bright. Nice hotspot beam, too.

I took this last one with my other Fuji since the other ones I took didn’t turn out as good with my other camera. But you can see how perfectly centered the LED is.

Absolute 100% rip-off of JETBeam by Sysmax/Nitecore, very shady company and I refuse to give them any business or recommend any of their products.

Well then don’t.

I am happy with my purchase.

Wasn’t Jetbeam originally a sister company of Nitecore before the Great Schism?

I thought Nitecore was Jetbeam?

The reflector on that is identical to my BC40 SMO. I do love my BC40 I would imagine this would perform identically so you should be very happy especially if your BC40 had an orange peel reflector.


According to Jetbeam they were not sister brands, Jetbeam signed a distribution agreement with Sysmax/Nitecore to distribute their products which Sysmax then tried to trademark the JETBeam name in the EU and a bunch of other stuff. Here is relevant info:

Wow! How not to do business.


Well bose301s, I didn’t buy this flashlight due to any legal matters nor do I personally care about if a realtionship with NiteCore and Jetbeam went sour. There’s a lot of proud NiteCore EA4 owners that have posted in these forums and I didn’t see you reaking havoc on their thread. I’m sure you could have done so, but why you wished to do it here is beyond me.

Only because I read this thread and not those and because the MT40 is such an obvious rip off of the BC40.

i like the new twist you put into your posts.

Well again, if you don’t have anything positive to add then don’t.

I’m digging the new Nitecore lights. The EC25 is a champ, and I have an Ea4w on the way. I’d love to see some beam shots, mY next Nitecore will be the EA8.

I’ll try and get you some beamshots.

Now you and I both know that is hardly the whole truth to why you chose to post this here. And as much as your on here I can guarantee that you seen the NiteCore EA4 threads here a plenty. It’s the same way you are in pm’s when you try to say I don’t mean to make you mad, but… Give me a break dude. It’s just your nature to try and get under someones skin. So go bug someone else. There are plenty of members here besides me. And save the pm’s for someone else as well. I don’t care to hear them.