Nitecore NEB10

I received the Nitecore NEB10 for the review from Nitecore.

I use several EDC pouch/bags, both in my work and in my free time.
The NEB10 is a 6 liters EDC bag, that can be carried over the shoulder and secured to the body with a second belt. It is available in black and grey, I got the grey version.
The NEB10 is made of 1050D Nylon, with the front part with the MOLLE system in rubber.

Here is the front part with MOLLE system.

The MOLLE attachment points are also on the sides.
The zippers run fine and are equipped with practical D-rings.

The NEB10 has 4 compartments.
The main (40x20x7 cm)runs along the whole length of the bag, and has 2 drain holes (a Nitecore Thumb is the light in the pic)

On one side there’s hook and loop system (Velcro for attaching other bags and accessories) and on the other there are some elastic loops.

The 2 front pockets (16x16x2 cm) are symmetric and have a mesh divider

On the back there’s a big mesh, with a piece of Velcro for “closing” with the main body of the bag.

Beside the main strap, which runs over your shoulder, there is a smaller secondary one, that prevents the bag from bouncing around when you are moving. You have several attachment points for that belt.

Here’s strapped on my back

On the main strap there is a not removable MOLLE Pad

When I turn it around making it end up on my torso, accessing the pockets is easy.

My thoughts
The materials used for this bag are fine. The zippers run fine and the bag has some waterproof capability.
Compared to other bags, the tissue is a lighter and it makes the whole bag lighter without making it weaker.
While using the bag as it is, I found the lack of zip pouches and other (smaller) elastic bands for retaining smaller items. For my uses, a bag needs to have more dividers, more elastic bands and zip meshes (you can do that by adding your desired pouches, using the hook and loop pouches and organizers); and a handle.
I would have liked to be able to use the MOLLE system on the bag to attach flashlight and other pouches, however the cut on the rubber are too tight for most of my pouches. You need to use pouches or accessories with tight straps, or use classic MOLLE clips.

Forgot to upload the elastic loops in use and the padded strap.

is it only for me no pictures showing up

The picture work fine for me.

Thanks for sharing.