Nitecore RCR123A NL166 $7.99 at Meritline

I ran across this and it’s the lowest price I have seen so far at $7.99!! Just thought I would share. It says “Today $7.99” but a lot of their stuff says that and it’s their regular price not a sale, but who knows. I ordered 2 of them today.

Here’s the link at Meritline:

” Nitecore RCR123A NL166 $7.99”:

The last 16340’s I purchased where from Fasttech. With the BLF code there even cheaper.
That’s still a very good price and always nice to have a backup source.
Thanks for the heads up.

Sure! WOW nice on the fasttech ones, I always forget about them. I actually learned of them when I joined the forum but still haven’t placed an order yet.