Nitecore T0

Does anyone have anyone experience of the Nitecore T0 as I have seen on offer quite cheap for xmas stocking fillers, just wonders if they have been reliable as seen a couple bad reviews thanks

Aint that like 12 lumens max?

Even my 35 cent el cheapo china AAA light blows that away

Lumintop edc01 makes good stocking stuffers

Hi yes, just thinking for using for finding keys for doors and that. i think i give a miss on that ta

In AAA format, the Olight i3e is a nice one with very usable lumen output:


Unless you are specifically looking for a low-lumen, single-mode, 5mm LED light, I think your money could be better spent elsewhere. I am a big fan of 5mm LEDs and high output is of little concern, but even still, I’d rather hunt down a Sofirn C01 or Fenix E01 over this. This one might end up cheaper, though some hunting will find similar priced new old stock 5mm lights. I have read this has a particularly cheap looking tint, that the dissimilar head material can wear on the aluminum body excessively (though I haven’t seen any other reviewers confirm or deny this), and that it isn’t the most durable.

On top of the other poster’s advice (the olight is great, quite bright), I’d also recommend a Nitecore Tube for stocking stuffers. Cheap, lots of color options, USB rechargable, variable output, and available on amazon. I’ve heard comments say they aren’t the most reliable, but mine has treated me well.