Nitecore TIP SE - Anyone see this light yet?

Nitecore TIP SE

This looks like they learned some things from the TIP 2. It keeps the 2 LEDs. No more magnetic end cap. The 2 buttons of the regular TIP. I am unsure if it has the 2 button lockout like the TIP 2017.

Construction wise the tip 2 is superior being machined aluminum vs pressed steel on the tip 1 and se. The switch positioning on the tip2 is also better to avoid accidental activations when leaning into a surface, but it’s UI is a total disaster.

I do like the magnetic tailcap on the tip 2, I find it a very elegant solution to hide the charging port.

Threads about new flashlights need pictures :neutral_face:

This is one of the silliest combination of physical UI and firmware that I’ve seen so far.
Protruding button and long press to turbo?
Accidental activations made stop using Tini and this is going to be much worse. It’s a shame that a host with this kind of performance-to-size is crippled so much by unfortunate design choices.

Though I have slim hope that the gchart’s adapter (on flex PCB) would enable firmware swap.

Tip SE’s advertising material says it is made out of aluminum.

I would have gotten a tip2 if it didn’t have the magnet.

Strong magnets on my keychain or in my pocket make me nervous. What if I accidentally put it in the same pocket as my wallet? … there goes all my credit cards.

You still have magnetic credit cards in the USA?

Yup, but the new ones have a chip as well.

I emailed Nitecore and after several emails they still don’t understand why I want the 2 button lockout like the TIP 1st Gen has. They keep telling me it has a cover. When I want the light fast I don’t want to mess with a plastic cover that’s going to get lost and takes up more room in my pocket. Then I have to try to put it back on in the dark? I don’t know what they’re thinking, but I told them I wasn’t interested in the product that just needs updated software to work like the old TIP. What a shame.

I’m also mystified by this. I had a TIP 1st Gen CRI. I liked it. But… it had a battery problem. I learned that there is a high parasitic drain in lockout. Went through 2 of them, then called it quits. The “shield” add-on is a sloppy solution. Nitecore did the lockout just fine on the EC4GT. In fact… why not adopt the same buttons? They’re great. Seems that Nitecore design teams don’t talk to each other.

This is the improved TIP I wanted. The magnet on the TIP 2 makes it useless for me, as I have to carry several magnetized cards every day. Sure, the lockout on the original TIP was great, but I have been carrying my original since they were first sold, and I’ve never used the lockout.

I thought the parasitic drain problem on lockout was solved shortly after the original TIP came out? I know the vendor took my original back after the problem was discovered, and it was replaced with the modified version free of charge. Some might have been sold old stock that had the old firmware(?).

Andrew-Amanda has the TIP SE for $24 after 20% preorder discount. I don’t know what’s the “groupbuy” price will be but I don’t think it will be significantly less than that. Ordering from China in these times means waiting at least 3-4 weeks, plus the time it takes for them to actually stock the product.

Here’s a video I found explaining the UI, it’s not perfect but a improvement vs. the tip2.

Without a lockout this isn’t worth $5 to me sadly.

At least, there’s the demo mode. That’s better than long-press unlocking imo.

No need lockout imo. Use the provide clip if you are worried.

Who has that minute it takes to get that clip over the switches without ripping out the boots? Or does the system now work unlike the Tip?

Is there a video showing the procedure with the Tip SE?

And remove it every time I want to turn the light on? Then put back? Sadly, I find it a terrible idea even before talking about the size increase.

Hum, unless someone here had a terrible experience with the TIP accidentally activating lots of times in the pockets (and burning something :neutral_face: ), I guess you folks are seeing problems where they don’t actually exist.

I have the TIP 2017, I use it sometimes in the jeans, without the clip blocking the buttons and never had and accidental activation. Be it on turbo or on any other mode!!

My major concern with that light was always the USB port, but I eventually solved it with one of these covers that came with my RovyVon Aurora. Not perfect though!

I really like the UI of the TIP and if the TIP SE is similar, I guess it is quite nice!
“Shortcuts” to: Momentary Low, Momentary Turbo, Last used mode, Constant Turbo.

Some of you want e-lockout, then you’ll complain that it has too much parasitic drains and depletes the battery, and then it ends up like the 1st TIP version (later replaced by the 2017 version) :weary:

I do recognize, though, that it could have a double click on the mode button for turbo. But this is because I do like double click for turbo :stuck_out_tongue:


My Tini would self activate almost every day - and its buttons protruded less.

Can it be due to the metal button that makes another kind of pressure on the switch?

I am asking because I find it really hard to accidentally activate the TIP in the pocket. And also the TUBE, that I use in one of my keychains.

They do not get pressed that easily, but thus is just my experience .