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NITECORE TIP SE Dual-core Metal Keychain Lamp LED Light

$19.95 with coupon : GB$NTIPSE

Main Features:
Dual-core attack, increased firepower
700 lumens strong brightness output
Using OSRAM P8x2 combined with a precisely calculated optical lens system, it has a range of up to 90 meters

USB-C charging port
Regardless of the pros and cons, plug in at will to charge
The interface is equipped with an effective waterproof device to ensure the stable operation of the flashlight

High strength and lightweight forged aluminum alloy shell
The outer shell is made of high-strength and lightweight aluminum alloy, which effectively protects the internal core components from damage. The surface has been oxidized with military-grade three-level hard, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, with full texture

Built-in 500mAh large capacity lithium battery
Up to 50 hours of battery life

Built-in lithium battery charging protection circuit, safe and reliable
Standby time up to 365 days
Using low-power power management chip, microprocessor intelligent sleep, standby current is less than 5uA

Battery reminder function
When the key light is off, short press the function button once, the red indicator light will flash to report the remaining battery power

Two-button design, simple and fast
Two smart modes
Demo mode
30 seconds automatic shutdown, suitable for EDC short-time lighting
Daily mode
Continuous lighting, suitable for long-term outdoor lightings such as hiking and camping

4 levels of brightness are optional, matching a variety of usage scenarios
One key to open the very bright file
In the open state, long press the function key to enter the extremely bright gear, and release it to return to the original gear
In the closed state, long press the function key to enter the extremely bright position, the position of the release does not change, suitable for a variety of outdoor long-distance lighting

Built-in ATR temperature control module
The brightness output can be automatically adjusted according to the real-time temperature of the outside and the barrel to achieve the best working state

Use high-efficiency current to adjust the constant current circuit (non-PWM)
Constant brightness without flicker, bringing a comfortable visual experience

Standard detachable holding clip
You can hang TIP SE on hats, pockets and backpacks to meet various lighting needs.

Effectively prevent false triggering
The clamp is installed on the front, covering the double buttons to prevent false triggering

Rugged stainless steel ring design, can withstand 30kg tension
Suitable for all-weather use
IP54 protection level, 1-meter drop resistance

TIP SE Product Parameters:
Maximum output: 700 lumens
Maximum range: 90 m
The maximum light intensity: 2100 cd
Life time: 50 h 0 m / 2.08 d
Battery: rechargeable lithium battery
Color temperature Type: White
Barrel length: 60 mm / 2.36 in
Features: Rechargeable
Scenario: equipment, outdoor / camping

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$19.95 with coupon : GB$NTIPSE