Nitecore TM11 (2000 lumens), coming soon

Available within few weeks.....

Price leaked to be what the....usd175?! WOW! (hype to attract attention? LOL! Not sure...)!

We keep trying to get rid of blinky modes and now Nitecore (after the awesome UI from the D10) includes them....


200lm (18h), 550lm (7.5h), 1100lm (3h), 2000lm (75m)
135mm (length), 60mm (head), 50mm (diameter), weight: 336g (excluding battery)

WTF? No 10 lumens mode for extreme runtime? (like the TK70)

More pictures here:

2100, your comment was complete in the email notification but incomplete at the forum.

I agree that sometimes blinking modes are useful, but I do prefer them hidden somewhere in a multitude of clicks (Nitecore has been able to do this).

When I'm using a single XML (supposedly a T6 ) and it blinks because I need to change modes it annoys me a LOT. I don't like to imagine getting used to this beast at low and then after a click comes a fast 2000lm blinker...

But to each his own...

People would think that i am crazy!

It'd be great if HIDs can have disco modes. But only short arcs can do that.

Strobes have many uses even in the professional arena. Not sure if this is hidden (even on the Balder BD-1/2/4 it is selectable)

Will be exciting to see how the DRY holds up against this lil' monster. Ric sent me my replacement yesterday so should be here at the end of next week i think. Then i could test the light out and if it works order a turbo driver.

I wonder what the OTF lumens will be and how will it stack up against the TK70.

miniumum 200 lumens?

People say its pointless to have a low low on a big torch, but I see value in having a 1 lumen tent light that I can tail stand comfortably and leave on all night without hitting on the battery life.

My predator I leave on at night on its 0.1 lumen mode because I know it has 100 days tested runtime on a single 18650. If I could get 1 lumen for a month from this thing, that would have been sweet... but anyway....

Look forward to seeing what the UI is, and what the shipped cost is, and then beam patterns!.

There was a description of the ui on another site. It's an electronic clicky which depends on length of click to determine which output, like a zebralight. Double click for strobe, but only from high mode, if SOS is hidden just as well then it sounds like a very good ui.

I'm doubtful it will actually prove to be the $175 price originally stated though.. I think they will raise it to more like $275 on release.

1 lumen on 3 x 18650, is V60C. Somewhat high overheads on circuitry though, but still an extreme runtime machine. (I believe in 0.1L for close-up map reading or astronomy/astrophotography to preserve low light vision, and tactical usage, but useless for other stuff)

From shoudian and bro 烈燄赤子 Looks like quite a fair bit of thermal mass.



Looks like a good product. I like fact that it doesn't have a battery holder.

but zebra light is a single stage momentary, while a nitecore has a double stage momentary. Either way, my hopes are up, but at the same time, the shortage of modes (IMO) and the not low enough low are things I'm not looking forward to, but I'm just going to wait for the official release.

That's fantastic. They managed to make a 4 x 18650 battery with a couple of mm larger than the DRY (58mm Head,47mm body) but with a far better construction. No battery holder and solid mass.

The length is considerable different, 152mm DRY vs 135mm TM11. I wonder if the reflectors are shallower?

The driver cavity in the DRY is prob 25mm max. The bezel protrusion of the DRY is prob slightly longer than the Nitecore. The tailcap thickness from base spring to the external tip of taicap is about 20mm. I think they could have saved 15mm on the tail end (coz no mechanical switch), Bezel could be 5mm. So total 20mm savings.

18hrs 200 lumens. It can easily do from 6pm to 7am in winter non-stop with periodic bursts in HIGH.

Yep, they could have done that you're right.

I've got only two issues with the DRY, the battery holder and the fact that is has no knurling on the body.

Can just buy an extra battery holder on your next big purchase, i don't see it costing more than 6 bucks. I don't even take out the cells, i just check each cell leaving them inside (saves time) before use and after charging to make sure they are balanced. Hobby charger + magnets, the screws of the battery holder are magnetic.

But okwchin is right, if Jetbeam RRT-3 XM-L can do 5 lumens and over 300hrs run time on NCR18650A (3400 and 4000mAh are coming soon), why can't Nitecore and its famed IFE experience? But there is also an issue with the RRT-3, it jumps from 5Lm to 180Lm!!

That's a light to have.

Would there be any aestethicly responsible method to provide to the body some knurling?

I didn't gave it a thorough but that area is the thickest and could be be easily knurled. All three sides. The way it slips off hand is just unacceptable for me.