Nitecore TM11

Anyone getting at Nitecore TM11 for Christmas?

Wonder if the 'flickering’on turbo issue is really solved. The price on ‘best in one’ is $205. Tempting.Still holding back.m3c4 3xml seem fine but underdriven and cost ard the same to have it ship here.

I want one badly (one that works properly) but I can't justify it right now.

My TM11 is also the flicker in 1108 with turbo, but that comes out only after>10 minutes in turbo(outdoor), so do not bother me.

Hi, Olli1783. Does your tm11 flicker in high mode as well? Think some tm11 owners experienced this.

No, there is no flicker in the High. because the tiny monster is not hot!

Thanks for your feedback, Olli1783

the turbo mode runs in my house 4.30minuten at 18 ° C - then 5 seconds high and then 20 seconds turbo etc. .. - outdoor not tested. comming soon.