Nitecore Tube Keychain Light 45lm

Coupon: NitecoreTSQ (any color) / Price: $6.29


Charge via USB with built in battery pack. $5

Promotion in Japan:

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Hmm. Seems very bulky for 45 lumens. The sale price is ok~ish I guess. The regular price is uncomfortably close to a Tank007 E09. Which has nice tint. Great regulation. Good build. Hmm...

Uhm…5 $ + free shipping not so bad…for 9,95$ it’s overproced, Imho.

You are right. There are a lot of chinese flashlight to choose with the same price.

Doesn’t ship to Aus. Any idea anywhere else that would sell it?
Didn’t find anything when I googled it

The link says the item qualifies for free shipping but on checkout with only it in my basket I was charged for shipping.

Did you spend more than $25?
I saw somewhere before it said you have to spend over 25 to get free shipping

It said that during checkout but NOT on the listing page at the above link where it simply states that the light qualifies for free shipping, an UNQUALIFIED statement. To Me false advertising!

On the listing page if you click on “free shipping” it comes up with the conditions. I do agree with you should show the condition on the actual page.

More links included.

I purchased 12 of these handy little lights. Give me a break .... 5.00 including rechargeable Li battery and USB charge cable to boot.

Perfect stocking stuffers.

Awesome deal IMHO.

Ship date to those that Pre-Ordered is now 10/25/2014.

Bulky, dim, cheap looking… I expect more from Nitecore…

At 5.00 .... Really?

What more could one expect for a little self contained rechargeable pocket light.

Infinitely variable output.

This little light definitely has a place in the budget light line up.

Nitecore has made a really nice utility light very affordable.

Let's read the reviews once it is released.

By the way the Pre Order Sale is "Closed".........

The price isn’t excessively high, but the product is like a cheap giveaway toy more than a premium light.

Anyone received the light?

Mine got shipped today…

Oct.12 Note: The 1st 100 orders for the promotion are sold out during the short weekend!

And received mine!

I think I am the first one in receiving one among the users of this forum…

Great light!!!

Not as bulkier as I thought…

It is ok as keychain light…

Love the ramp mode!

It looks like a bigger, brighter and rechargable form of the Photon Freedom keychain light, and I have not seen 45lumen from a 5mm led before. Is it smaller than the smallest AAA-light (DQGAAA) ?

I'm interested if they get rid of the Starwars design and make a sleek version.

I FINALLY received notice today that mine has shipped. So 17 days from the order date (11 Oct) they finally ship it. USPS tracking number so they apparently bulk shipped from China and are now actually mailing them from here in the USA.

Functionally it looks more like the LRI Rex 4 LED rechargeable keychain light that I have two of. I also have the USB charger for them which is what I use. Too bad it was discontinued as it is one of my favorite keychain lights. One reason for purchasing the Nitecore was to see if this is a good, and much less expensive, replacement for the Rex. Someone referred to this as using a 5mm LED. If the 45 Lumens is correct it is a lot brighter than any other 5mm LED I know of. Imagine a bunch of these LEDs in one of the old shower head LED lights. :bigsmile:

I dont have the dqg……

it is about 2 cm shorter in lenght than an olight i3…