Nitecore's new Intellicharger D4

I don’t think I’ve seen a post about this here, but this video from going gear looks like an amazing charger with an astoundingly good price.

I don't like that it splits current like in the i4.

That $35 MAP is going to make this a very popular charger.

Not so fancy at all…I wished it had higher current available for charging 4 batteries simultaneously….charging 4 ncrbs takes forever…

Only real advantage is the selectable current for smaller batts, I didn’t get if the slow setting is 150mA on a single cell or only if you charge two batts at the same time…?
35$ is not cheap at all if the i4 sells for 20$…

Key word: MAP

I4 v3 with 4 separate channels 750-1000 with 4 cells would be great. As it is I just pop 2 cells in my i4 and 2 in the i2. If I’ve got more to charge I just wait until a cell is done.

will wait for HKJ review about nitecore new charger :slight_smile:

Not sure why that didnt work. Here’s another link:

+1. That’s definitely the best way to go :wink:

I should have tested it. Your link works, so I deleted mine.

That's a good way to go, but I figure it'll be good enough if you keep an eye on the screen. I don't know if I'll get one, but Illumination Supply sales may sway me.

Now the question is if somebody is sending me one (if not, I will probably buy one).

But I do have enough chargers to test for the next two months.


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two months???
well that will be a long time.
until then maybe some other member here will do a review about this charger,but its good to have many people do a review :slight_smile:

can this new charger maybe come out in 3 months?

When was the charger available?

Also, the two months is for publishing, I need the charger maybe two weeks before that to have time for testing and before that is shipping time.

And yes, it is always a good idea to have more than one test/review of a product.

will wait patiently because i need another charger since my I4 has been used very intense lately,might as well to consider a hobby charger :~

There is a couple of interesting charger on the way. It looks like Efest has fixed their voltage problem. The Xtar SP1 is also a charger many people is interested in (26650 and 4.35 volt options). And today I pick up the first analyzing LiIon charger (Except hobby chargers) at the post office.

It does also look like the LG 4.35 volt cells is going more mainstream, it looks like am getting a protected one to test.

You getting a protected LG 4.35? :bigsmile: Where from?
Would you do a picture of the protection chips?

You must wait for that answer, until I have tested the batteries or the dealer announces it.

I will not open the battery to do a picture of the chip.

Do not expect my review soon, the actual testing time will be about 3 weeks and I have not even received the battery yet and then there is the question about time on my testing stations.

Thank you for the heads-up, looking forward to your awesome reviews! :)

Oooo this I like!