Nitefighter L1A angle head light for $12.79

Just saw this at banggood.......

looks nice for the price.. $12.79 before any coupon.Just below $12 with BLF coupon.

works on AAs.

down turn could be only 2 modes.. and disco.

Maybe you have to cycle through the disco modes...

but the looks are interesting for the price.

I thought maybe someone would be interested in this kind of light for that price.

I do like this! Dank Chibi!

I just bought one, it comes with a tail magnet and headband, very complete for this price :-) . I hope that I can swap the led. And that perhaps it runs on li-ions. And I wonder what is the driver size etc.

Looks great, a cheap knockoff Zebra. I wonder if it can be modded easily.

I just ordered one, as well, using the BLF discount for a savings of $1.02.

Curious about this light, could be a cheap headlamp for working on the car or the like, please report on the quality when you folks get them, thanks!

Hmm interesting find! Looks a lot like the the Ultrafire UF-H2 I reviewed a long time ago, but without the infinitely variable output. Also seems to be a bit dimmer, 85 lumens isn’t much.

Cool find. Thanks for reporting ChibiM.

Ordered one. This will be my first in this format.

I get a malware infection warning when I click on your Ultrafire link

While 85 lumens isn’t a lot compared to some lights, for me this would be more of a short distance light (arms length to 20-25 feet.) So, having the lower outputs (85/10) is better for my purposes. Plus, this is lighter than the 2x18650 headlamp I bought back in July.

I am looking forward to receiving mine. :slight_smile:

IIRC, it has a electronic switch, if that helps anyone.

Would be interesting if anyone can update on actual output, ui, and pwm after receiving it.

Still looks pretty okay for the money.

I agree 85lm isn't a whole lot, but can be enough for certain applications....

Will do all that :-) , including an attempt to breakdown.


It could be a nice mod host if the threads are anodized and it has a solid shelf for the mcpcb. This is the company that makes a flashlight with a built in camera, so they're capable of amazing things. Hopefully this is one of them.

it reminded me of a flashlight I had seen in stores here.
So after a short search I found the one I thought looked similar.

It might be the same as the Gentos LB-311 (Japanese brand, but made in China)

Selling in Japan for $20-$30

Only IPX6! But might mean it is easy to mod. :smiley:

I’m very intersted in this light, and wonder how the UI is and how easy to mod it is in general. Let us know! :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know. It’s just a stupid warning that appears for some users on pages that contain links to anything at It appears that some other website ending in may have served malware in the past, and since this site also used to be called, sometimes it gets mistakenly flagged. It’s a false-positive, we’ve never had a malware infection here. At any rate, I cleaned up the old links to there.

There seems to be discrepancies in the mode descriptions, one place it says it has 4 and another it says 5
It looks like it snaps onto the headband making it easy to take off to use like clipped to your shirt pocket

Well, I couldn’t wait,lol, ordered
Assuming this comes apart easy, will a nichia emitter fit in an xp-e reflector hole?

Anodized threads confirmed.