check this out guys
NITEFIRE NFT-49 4 x Cree XM-L T6 2200lm 4-Mode White Flashlight - Grey (4 x 18650)

cool looking light for US$61.40

and here is 3 XML version
” NITEFIRE NFT-39 3 x Cree XM-L T6 1800lm 4-Mode White Flashlight - Grey (4 x 18650) “:

That's going to look silly if the threads don't match perfectly in the real version.

sorry about that just post what i found on DX 0:)
updated :slight_smile:

I like the look of them, not too sure on performance though, run current 8.5ma…… :party:

It's not your fault. I'm just pointing out that what works in a rendering may not work in real life. With that light, it's going to depend on how the battery tube works. If the tube threads on like it does with the SRK and has anodized threads, then there will be misalignments due to variations in the threads because the tube will have to be fully threaded for the light to work even if that means it's misaligned. If the batteries are inserted from the rear of the tube or if the threads are not anodized, then it'll be okay.

This might be a nice light, but I wouldn't risk purchasing it until they have some real photos.

The 3 P60 model looks like a Thermos or something.